Working on a re-cap for the month of July. So much happened; the state games, the Crossfit games, our move etc., it is definitely taking some time. July was an exciting month for precision. I definitely want to give it, and everyone involved their due. Also, a quick announcement, lifting club is back and in full effect tomorrow evening at 7pm. Take advantage of this opportunity to work on your lifts with Senior level coaches Mike and Butch. See you in the gym!



3 x 750 M. Row

Rest 2 Min. between Sets

*Mobilize shoulders and hips during your rest period.


5 Min. of Muscle Up Work

-Ring Swing

-Ice Cream Maker



Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch

5 + 5 @ 60%

4 + 4 @ 65%

3 + 3 @ 75%

3 + 3 @ 75%



10 Min. AMRAP

60 Bar-facing burpees

30 Overhead squats (120/90) (105/70) (95/65) (75/55)

10 Muscle-ups

*Sub. MU for Jumping MU, MU transitions, or 10 C2B Pull ups and 10 Dips.


Shoulder Mobility

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