15.2 or 14.2 whatever you want to call it, hahahaha. What is funny about this one was it was the one workout last year where as a coach I had to do the most game planning for my athletes. I came down to one clear cut strategy, which helped get my team and athletes to Regional’s and that was singles. You can do this entire workout up to the round of 16 via singles. Now most athletes won’t make it out of 16 as this is really the big separator round. However you can score in the 180-190’s if you are good at OHS and can maintain your singles in the round of 16. Which is a very solid score. So here is what you do. Set up using whatever you need (I recommend gymnastics mats) so that the bar is at an arm’s reach. Then practice a kipping pull up. So like last week: hands up, head through window, pull up, drop, again. Now it is important that when you touch your chest to the bar you allow yourself to drop from the top. This will save your grip and your eccentric muscles from getting over taxed too early, which is exactly what this workout is intended to do. Think of bio-mechanics. Without getting too fancy. When you do a pull up you are firing your muscle to create the action. When you string them together you are now firing your concentric (primary) and eccentric (opposing) muscle groupings. So by doing ones you are essentially only doing half the pull up reps therefore resting those eccentric muscles so that you can do more pull ups later. The workout then becomes more about motor and less about skill, which in a high rep C2B pull up workout everyone would much rather use.

Now if you are a stud and can get out of the round of 16 because you are that good at C2B Pull Ups. I recommend doing ones at the beginning then throwing in a couple sets of C2B to keep your rhythm warmed up throughout the round of 12 and 14. But keep doing ones consistently to save yourself for the later rounds. When you get to the round of 16, which is where you need to turn it on to get to the round of 18, you will need to start stringing bigger sets together. That and you are going to have to be willing to go to that dark place in order to be rewarded that extra 3 minutes of debauchery, haha. Then from there for most of you 1’s may be the only option but at least you were doing them and regardless of how tired, can maintain the rhythm. Honestly, unless you are a complete beast. If you are thinking about doing something other than 1’s in this workout you are living in a dream world. That is just my opinion though. Good luck!!!




With a Partner:

3 Rounds (At an easy pace)

400 M. Run

400 M. Row

*One person working on each. Switch off back and forth.




Warm Up Clean


4 x 400 M. Run


3 Rounds

50 Cleans (135/95)

50 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24) (20)



4 x 500 M. Row

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