I am sure when many of you saw this workout there were some doubts. Muscle Up’s first, really? Any of you that have followed the Open since 2011 and have noticed the changes to this year’s format could have seen this coming. It is a new age for CrossFit with athlete’s getting better and better every year. This being said it is important to remember a few important things.

  • You do CrossFit to better yourself. To become a fitter, stronger you. Part of this is becoming stronger mentally. Believing in yourself and those around you without any doubt that things are possible. You and I both know that we have witnessed and done things in CrossFit that we never thought were actually possible. So maybe you don’t have a muscle up yet. However, if you could do last week’s C2B pull ups then you know that you have strength for one. So maybe now is the time. I have often seen the Open bring the best out of people. Be the best you can be and let whatever’s going to happen, happen. When it is all over. Just be happy with your effort because in life that is really the only thing that actually matters. Not how you did on a stupid workout.
  • If you absolutely cannot do a MU. Then do the scaled workout. If keeps you in the game because you are not allowed to submit a score of “0”. In this year’s Open there is no such thing as an RX status. Each workout is scored individually as either RX’d or Scaled. Since a “0” is not allowed because HQ will not let you submit RX’d unless you can do 1 Muscle Up. Then you should do the Scaled workout. The reason why is a Scaled score keeps you in the Open. If you do not enter a score then you are effectively quitting the Open, which is ok if it does not matter that much to you. If you enter a Scaled score, yes you will rank below all of those that “stayed RX’d” but you would have anyways. By entering a Scaled score it keeps you in the game and allows you to go RX’d next week and the week after. So if you’re on the bubble and play on the rings for 14 minutes without able to get 1 rep. Try again and this time go scaled to keep yourself in the game. Remember, many people will scale this workout that went RX’d in the past 2 weeks and you can continue to compete against all of them that choose wisely.

Now for those of you that have Muscle Ups down this workout is really about remaining efficient and using your motor. It is a traditional couplet that I am assuming many of you have seen before. If you are a beast at MU go unbroken however many of you should break them up to save yourself for later on going 4/3 or 3/2/2. They don’t take long as remaining as efficient as possible on these should be the goal. On the Wall Ball don’t go unbroken. You need to break them up to save your motor and attempt to control your heart rate. Going 20/15/15 or all 10’s is a very efficient strategy. As far as Double Unders are concerned. I believe advanced athletes should just get them down anyhow. However, everyone else should think in terms of sets; 40/30/30, 50/50, 25’s Etc. Know your history with this movement and find a happy place.

As far as scoring, advanced athletes should be thinking 3-4 rounds trying to pace a round every 4 min. Intermediate athletes need to think HR control and keeping composure pushing for 2-3. If you have MU but are not that great at them. 1-2 rounds is a great goal. Think about breaking up your MU 1 every :45 sec. to a minute. This strategy also works great for those looking to just get 7 MU’s. Remember every MU moves you up several spots.

Good luck to everyone and remember it is just a workout. No reason to get all bent out of shape over a movement. Never show any doubt. Just believe in yourself and what you are capable of always.




400 M. Run

400 M. Row

20 Air Squats

20 Push Ups




Warm up Clean



400 M. Running Relay

*One person working at a time.

Rest 1 Min.


Find Team Max Clean 

*One person working at a time.

Rest 1 Min.


50 KBS (70/53) (53/44) (44/35) (35/26)

50 T2B

*Score = total # of 400’s completed x 2 + Max Total Load Lifted + total # of couplet reps completed. Ex: 6 (2) + 1000 Lbs. + 150 Reps = 1162

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