It has never happened in the Open where I have been left flabbergasted. I mean things have shocked me, but this new standard is a complete game changer. Essentially, CrossFit HQ has decided to re-write the way you do a HSPU. Now, I am all for standardizing the HSPU. However, this standard can be interpreted in so many different ways that I feel it really should have been left for Regionals. This way HQ can make sure it is held to their exact requirements. I don’t really feel all that comfortable with the entire world trying to interpret the measurement requirement for this movement. However, it is what it is. This new standard is going to require tons of practice before you actually hit the workout as you cannot afford to lose reps and be successful.

This workout comes down to really one thing. Master the standard, master the workout. It is that simple. The cleans are an after thought. A filler so to speak to break up the multiple sets of HSPU’s. Once you have the standard down I recommend short sets. Do not try and go unbroken early as you will get no repped a ton later on as you get tired. Keep it to sets of 3 at the most. Unless you are a HSPU bad ass then you could go bigger. However, if you do not have the standard down you will lose multiple reps, so be prepared.

A few tips for getting the HSPU down. 1) I would use an Abmat and plates. This will give you a good anatomically correct place for your head and hands through the entirety of the workout. This becomes very important as that is definitely what they are going for with this new standard. 2) Keep your feet together at the top. If you like to do HSPU’s with your feet wide you will lose several reps. They measure you at hip width because they don’t want your feet to go beyond hip width. Think of yourself upside down during the measurement. Make sense? 3) Point your toes forward not up. This goes against proper foot positioning but it will gain you more reps. 4) Do not lose reps! This will cost you later on. 5) Learn the movement, work it, and master it as best you can before doing the workout. Do not just jump into this wod. You will be very surprised and not in a good way.

On a separate note. Please adhere to the standards guys. This is going to be a very interesting workout especially in regards to the team race. Good luck!


400 M. Run

30 Air Squats

20 Push Ups

10 Strict Pull Ups

400 M. Run




Warm up Dead Lift & Front Squat


6, 9, &  12 Min. AMRAPS

*1 Min. Rest between each AMRAP

Team 400 M. Run

150 Deadlifts (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)

100 Box Jumps (24) (20)

75 Front Squats

50 Toes To Bar

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