This workout is all about managing your T2B. If you can do that, the rest will depend on how strong your legs are. The beautiful thing about this workout is that you can “bank time.” This is huge because you buy a few minutes in the beginning that will become valuable later on as your T2B or Legs start to go. Men, do singles from the get go. Save your grip and keep your HR down. Women, if you are strong with a clean over 205lbs, then you can touch and go big sets on the first 85; however, only do this if you can keep your HR down. The goal is to make this workout about your cleans, not your T2B. Plan sets that you can manage throughout the workout. If you are a Regional level athlete, then the goal should be reps into the 4th AMRAP. If you are looking to make the top 20, then getting into the 5th AMRAP will be crucial.

A few things to consider:

  1. Be realistic with your abilities. Know your strengths. With bonus round workouts it is all about managing your metabolic tank. If you are an “8 min. athlete,” plan for 8 min. of work. Then, if you feel good, empty out the tank to finish that round within that 8 min! In the round of 12, consider it all to be bonus reps and just hang on. Prepare yourself for the proper time domain and you will have much more success.
  2. Break up your T2B early. It is ok to do small sets from the get-go. Do not burn out. That is your goal!
  3. Attack the bar on your cleans. Every time you drop the bar and step away you lose an average of 8 seconds! That is valuable time that you cannot afford to lose in a bonus round style workout. Stay over the bar and be the aggressor. 

Good luck, everyone. Manage your hands and use that hook grip!

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3 Rounds

10 Pass Throughs

10 OHS

10 Good Mornings

10 Scorpions




Warm up S2O & Snatch

WOD: (Teams of 4)

For Time:

100 S2O (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)

1000 M. Row

100 Burpees

1000 M. Row

100 Snatches 

1000 M. Row

100 Burpees

1000 M. Row

100 S2O

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