The 2012 Summer Shakedown was a success and there were several reasons why. For one, we held it at a bad ass box, Axiom CrossFit with a bad ass owner, Vaughn Brotton. Not to mention Vaughn’s wife, Nish was seriously the glue keeping it all together. She worked her ass off behind the scenes to make sure everything that needed to get done in the days leading up to the event, got done. Without her the 2012 Summer Shakedown would not of happened. This was the 5th competition I have had the privledge to program for and help run. In all the comps, I have never had it so easy. From the efforts of Vaughn and Nish, to Billy Farah’s amazing event coordinating and organization, all Daniel and I had to do was do what we do best, worry about the wods. This was also made easy by Vaughn as he cleared out his gym and mapped for us general ideas about how the wods could run. His gym’s powerful community were quick to lend a hand, and all Dan and I had to do for the first time ever, was just direct. In addition, we had a stable of amazing judges to work with, all of which understood and really got what we were trying to accompish. It’s getting to the point now where I am starting to get some of the same judges to work with on a ruglar basis. Mixing these experienced judges with the newer ones coming in to my system has been a real recipy for success. I know we probably were not perfect but we tried our darndest to be. In addition, Billy Farah does a phenominal job of thinking of everything when it comes to a comp. He makes my job easier and always goes out of his way to take care of us all throughout the day. Throw in the efforts of my wife Emalee, who ran the floater wod, and Katie Crowe, who head judged it and you have additional reasons why the Shakedown was the succesful event that it was.


From my perspective on the main floor. The energy and noise throughout Axiom CrossFit was unlike I have ever experienced. The chants by the Axiom faithful were something special. Even CrossFit shitfted got involved with chants of their own. It got so loud in there at one point that I could barely hear the judges count. The last time I had noise like that was when I played a college football game in the Fargo Dome in South Dakota. As a team, the only way we could communicate was with signs to each other. It seriously felt like that, yet again on Saturday. I truly believe everyone had a blast on Saturday from the competitors down to the volunteers. It really is because of the amazing energy that the CrossFit community brings.


From a coaches perspective. I could not be more proud of our two teams. They competed their hearts out and had a heck of a showing. It is getting to the point now where I am having several coaches come up to me and congratulate me on how well our athletes perform. One coach told me that when he see’s Precision CrossFit after the name of an athlete he knows two things. One, that they are well coached and two, that they are gonna be a force to be reckon with. That is a major compliment as we have only been open for four months now. It feels like forever, but we have begun to build something special at Precision. In all honesty non of our success is possible without everyones hard work and belief in the Precision CrossFit system, and community.


We had two teams representing Saturday. The first team was Greg Shimpff, Greg Smiley, Crystal Riggs, and Julie Adams. The second team was Mike Gallardo, Matt Lieb, Heidi Shnaupauff, and Deborah Haley. Instead of talking about how they placed, which was very high, I want to mention a few awesome moments that stood out to me. In wod #1 it was awesome to watch Mike Gallardo hit huge muscle up sets for his team. He looked like a seasoned veteran out there and was very impressive. Mike has so much potential and it is awesome to watch him grow everyday. Once, agan I felt our teams looked extremely strong in our lifts. Our guys are always very strong but watching Heidi, Haley, Julie, and Crystal man handle the heavy weight on Saturday was very impressive. It is not suprising to me, but so cool to witness non the less. Moreover, watching Matt Lieb lead his team through every wod was also very impressive. He is such a general out there with phenomenal leadership skills. When his team set a new tone for doing the burpee box jump overs during wod #2 it was seriously an awesome moment. Not even the MC’s could get over what they were doing and I knew right as it happened that it was a Matt Lieb creation. Other awesome moments were watching Greg Smiley kill himself to get one extra burpee to earn his team a top 5 score. Also, seeing Greg Shimpff take his abilities to the next level competing along side some of the best athletes in CrossFit was unreal. One of my proudest moments as a coach to this day.
The 2012 Summer Shakedown was an awesome experience. We are already getting requests for the next one! It will happen, but for now I am gonna enjoy the aftermath of this one at least for a little while.



350 M. Row (Easy)
350 M. Row (Mod.)
350 M. Row (Mod.)
350 M. Row (Sprint)

7 Min. of Muscle Up Work
-Ring Swings
-Ice Cream Makers
-Band Transitions

Work O.H.S. Technique

10 Min. AMRAP
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (120/90) (105/80) (95/65) (75/55)
10 Muscle-ups

Shoulder Mobility

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