In 2013 Precision CrossFit endured some serious highs. Here is a list of notable accomplishments!

-Some of our favorite members got married or engaged. The Schimpffs, The Handlos’, The Saindon-Kaneen’s, Crystal and Nick, Greg and Katie.

-Hunter and Ayse welcomed baby Porter into the world.

-Vanessa and Phil welcomed their baby girl into the world.

-Camie Pena graduated from Thousand Oaks High School.

-Ritchie Martinez graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree.

-Lisa Pedicini completed her first ever sprint triathlon.

-Coach Mike published 3 articles, was recognized by the NSCA and asked to speak at their national conference.

-Greg Smiley finished 9th in the world in the 45-49 CrossFit Games Masters Division.

-Katie Crowe and Crystal Riggs qualified for and competed in the American Open finishing 9th and 15th.

-Team Precision finished 4th in the CrossFit Games Open.

-Team Precision finished 15th in the CrossFit Regional Games.

-Daniel Tromello, Katie Crowe and Jess Goeser qualified as individuals for the CrossFit Regional Games.

-Mike Tromello, Daniel Tromello, Katie Crowe and Greg Smiley qualified for and competed in the 2013 O.C. Throwdown.

-Team Precision takes 1st place in the RX’D division while our Master’s Teams took 2nd and 3rd @ West Coast Strength & Conditioning’s “Battle of the Boxes.”

-Mike and Emalee take 1st place at the C.A.L. Co-Ed Team competition.

-The Beachside Beatdown beats more than 20 Precision Teams down while 2 teams take 1st and 2nd place.

-The Pena’s podium at West Coast Strength & Conditioning’s “Valentines Day Massacre.”

-Katie & Daniel take 1st place at the C.A.L. Summer Co-Ed Team competition.

-We witnessed the Shakedown and Wod Gear Team Series grow to level’s of epic proportions.

-Katie Crowe wins the California State Championship Weightlifting title with Crystal Riggs taking 2nd.

-Emalee Tromello, Jose Cobian and Seth Ruff take podium spots at the C.A.L. individual competition.

-Lynn Gay takes 1st place at the Silver Fox Masters competition.

-Katie Crowe takes 1st place at the NLI, High Voltage and Waxman’s gym lifting meets.

-Precision CrossFit sweeps the podium at the Merry Fitness Challenge.

-Precision CrossFit moves to it’s new bigger and badder home!

The list goes on and on and I know we are missing some awesome accomplishments! Please add to it. Let’s write them down and solidify why 2013 was an incredible year!


GREG&113GAMESshakedowngroup1320131208-070551.jpgk&Cstate1320131026-204025.jpgamandasmiley and mateo




500 M. Row

4oo M. Run

25 Air Squats


5 Min. of Mobility


Front Squat

5 x 5 @ 75%


For Time:

5k Row

*This is one of our baseline test’s. Kick ass!


Mobilize and Stretch

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