2014 was a year of wonderful accomplishments for Precision CrossFit. I listed as many as I could think of here. Know this, many of these things could not of been achieved without the support of Team Precision. I say this all the time: Team Precision is all of us. We are a community made stronger by each person, for each one of you is a link in a chain. This chain cannot be broken because of the bond that we all have with each other. Many will try and break it, but they will fail because our love for each other is strong. We are divided by no one. We come together from all walks of life and wear our blue proudly. We do not believe in competition teams. No athlete or group of individuals will ever be bigger than the gym. We believe in the name on the front of the shirt and not about the name on the back, because “Together We are One.” When our athletes represent Precision, they know they are representing all of you. That you want them to succeed empowers them to success. Here is to a spectacular 2015 Precision CrossFit. Let’s get it!

2014 Notable Accomplishments:

  • Some of our favorite members got married or engaged: the Tromello’s (Daniel and Katie), the Farah’s (Billy and Molly), Sara & Richie, Matt V. and Heather, Crystal and Nick, Marx and Katie…to name a few.
  • Wod for Savanah melted our hearts and gave us all a very rewarding experience.
  • Hunter and Ayse got pregnent with their second child.
  • Hunter got into the Santa Monica Police Department.
  • James Creviston got into the LAUSD Police Department.
  • Kristen Seckar graduated from California State University Northridge.
  • Dylan Baker graduated from California Lutheran University.
  • Coach Mike published 4 articles and was recognized by the NSCA as the foremost expert in adolescent development. He also spoke at their California state and national conferences.
  • Crystal Riggs took silver nationally at the Hassle Free Barbell Weightlifting Championships.
  • Greg Smiley and Seth Ruff finished 1st and 2nd at the Central Coast Clash in the Masters Division.
  • Jessica Goeser and Daimino Stewart took 1st and 2nd place, respectively, at the 2014 “Central Coast Clash.”
  • Katie Crowe (Tromello) and Crystal Riggs qualified for Nationals in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.
  • Team Precision finished 103rd out of 4,223 Teams in the world in the CrossFit Games Open.
  • Team Precision finished 11th in Southern California in the CrossFit Games Open.
  • Team Precision finished 18th in the CrossFit Regional Games.
  • Katie Crowe (Tromello) finished 508th in the world and 34th in Southern California in the CrossFit Games Open.
  • Katie Crowe (Tromello) finished 20th in the Southern California CrossFit Regional Games.
  • Lindsey Deitsch finished 657th in the world and 44th in Southern California in the CrossFit Games Open.
  • Lindsey Deitsch finished 28th in the Southern California CrossFit Regional Games.
  • Katie Crowe qualified for and competed in the 2014 O.C. Throwdown.
  • Jessica Goeser, Lindsey Deitsch, and Mattias Wikstrom qualified for the 2015 O.C. Throwdown.
  • Daniel & Katie Tromello and Mike Tromello & Kristen Seckar took 1st and 2nd in the RX’D division at the 2014 “Valentines Day Massacre.”
  • Team Precision and Team PreSYNsion takes 1st place in the RX’D and Masters division at West Coast Strength & Conditioning’s 2014 “Battle of the Boxes.”
  • Daimino Stewart took 3rd place at the C.A.L. Individual Competition.
  • The Beachside Beatdown beats more than 20 Precision Teams down while Precision CrossFit sweeps the podium for both the men and women RX’d divisions.
  • We witnessed the Shakedown and Wod Gear Team Series grow to levels of epic proportions, once again!
  • Katie Crowe takes gold at the Waxman’s Gym Affiliate Weightlifting Invitational, and LWC Southern Pacific Championships.
  • Jon Dinh and Katie Crowe took 3rd as Team Precision at the Waxmans Gym Affiliate Weightlifting Invitational.
  • Crystal Riggs and Michelle Qayyum took gold at the Takano Athletics Weightlifting Invitational, Chikara Sport Weightlifting Invitational, and Team CrossFit Academy Weightlifting Invitationals.
  • Jonathan Dinh took silver at the Takano Athletics Weightlifting Invitational, Chikara Sport Weightlifting Invitational, and at the LWC Southern Pacific Championships.
  • Lynn Gay, Greg Smiley, Jeremy Just, Deborah Haley, and Pat Bader all podium at the “Silver Fox” Masters competition.

The list goes on and on, and I know we are missing some awesome accomplishments! Please add to it. Let’s write them down and solidify why 2014 was an incredible year!




400 M. Run or Row

2 Rounds

30 Double Unders

15 Air Squats

15 Push Ups


Hip Mobility


3 x 3 Weighted Ring Dips

*Go as heavy as possible.

Pair With:

3 x 15 V-Ups


Paused Back Squat

5 @ 60%

5 @ 65%

2 x 5 @ 70%

*Pause for 3 Sec. at the bottom.



5 Rounds

500 M. Row

50 Double Unders


Mobilize and Stretch

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