Head on out to the 2015 California Regional this weekend to cheer on your coaches and teammates as they compete for TEAM PRECISION!

This will be Precision CrossFit’s 4th straight trip to Regional’s!

It will be Coach Mike’s 8th Games Season as either a Coach or Athlete & Coach Smiley’s 4th!

2008: Coach (South West Regional)

2009: Coach (South West Regional)

2010: Coach & Athlete (L.A. Sectional & South West Regional)

2011: Coach & Athlete (So Cal Regional)

2012: Coach & Athlete (So Cal Regional: Katie Crowe & TEAM PRECISION)

2013: Coach & Athlete (So Cal Regional: TEAM PRECISION)

*Greg Smiley @ The Reebok CrossFit Games

2014: Coach (So Cal Regional: Katie Crowe & TEAM PRECISION)

2015: Coach (California Regional: Jessica Goeser, Chelsey Grigsby, & TEAM PRECISION)

*Alison Locke, Bill Grundler, James Grundler, & Dan Wells @ The Reebok CrossFit Games

We are so very proud of everyone that makes up TEAM PRECISION!

 Purchase those tickets and head down to the Del Mar Fair Arena to cheer your hearts out! WE NEED YOUR VOICES WALL OF BLUE! This is an event that you do not want to miss.

*Click the link above for additional info including heat times, day to day schedule, standings, and a live feed for those of you that cannot make it down.

Jessica Goeser and the team have been working extremely hard and are proud to represent you all!




750 M. Row

Without stopping (250 Easy, 250 M.I., 250 Hard)


30 Air Squats

30 Push Ups


Hip Mobility


3 Rounds at a Walking Pace

:30 Sec. Hollow Hold

10 Seated Tricep Extensions (Your Choice)

20 V-Ups

10 Weighted Push Ups (Your Choice)


Back Squat

5 @ 60%

4 x 5 @ 65%




Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20) (20/12)

*You may step over.


Hip & Shoulder Mobility

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