Here are my thoughts on taking on the 2016 Master’s Qualifiers. I highly do not recommend doing them in the exact order. Especially as a master’s athlete. In my opinion the best order is 4,1,3,2. 

Doing 4 first will save your grip. It’s also low volume in terms of recovery.

The Dead Lift can really be done whenever. However, I recommend going last after everything. You don’t want to get injured doing it and then not be able to do the other workouts.

Event 1 is just capacity and can aid in your recovery before you do Event 3 which is a true Open style fuck you workout that is extremely grip intensive. Event 1 really won’t take much out of you. It will just hurt a lot directly after. Event 3 will be the hardest one to recover from as the volume is the greatest which will require the most recovery.

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Row for Calories

Thrusters (95/65) (75/55)

This is a classic CrossFit capacity style workout. The goal of this wod is solely to test your motor. It is all about will. Go unbroken on your thrusters and take your rest on the rower. I recommend pacing the row like so: 1k pace, 500 M. pace, 250 M. pace. Sell out and deal with the pain once the 4 min. or so is over. You will recover quick it will just hurt directly after. Goal should be under 4 min. for men, and 5 min. for women on this workout.

WOD #2:

Find 1RM Dead Lift

*No time cap.

My best advice for this. Let your gym know that you are going to do this and create positive energy and good vibes all around you. Invite other people to hit this workout with you and have a fun lifting session. Because their is no time cap you can just have a good time. When you are ready to PR just get it on video. From a coaching perspective your technique is probably as good as it is going to be for now so get psyched then grip and rip!

*Do not forget to do the weigh in though. This could be big for separating tie breakers especially if you are a smaller athlete.

WOD #3:


55 Double Unders

15 C2B Pull Ups (Pull Ups 55+)

5 Hang Cleans (155/105) (135/95) (115/75)

This one is going to hurt so good. It is a traditional Open style workout that will tax the heck out of your grip. It will also take the longest to recover from. This workout is all about the C2B Pull Ups so I highly recommend breaking them up early on. Do not be afraid to just stick to singles either. These can be very efficient in a workout like this. You want to make this workout more about the Double Under’s and Cleans while keeping your heart rate down. High rep C2B pull ups paired with Double Unders will always spike ones HR. So just think about keeping it under control as much as possible. I think somewhere around 8 rounds or so should be the goal. But my opinion of this could change the more I learn about it. Good luck!

WOD #4:

For Time

55 Bar Faceing Burpee’s

34 OHS (95/65) (75/55) (65/45)

21 Muscle Ups (Ring Dips 55+)

I really like this workout. It is low volume and requires a solid foundation of skills and efficiency. It is very similar to 11.4. The bar facing burpee’s and OHS will be a breeze for most but what you won’t be expecting is how much they will take out of your Muscle Ups and Dips. Your chest and triceps will be fried and your stability muscle’s will be gone after the OHS. Have a clear cut game plan for breaking up your Muscle Ups to keep from burn out and help you achieve ultimate success. Your goal should be under 9 min. for this Wod. Good luck!

Good luck to the Team Precision & Tromello Programming athletes that will be taking on this years qualifiers











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