Now that the dust has settled a bit, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you all on a very successful 2017 CrossFit Games Open! Once again Team Precision will be represented on the Regional floor, finishing 7th in So Cal. In addition to our team, we will also be represented by Lindsey Deitsch (27th) this year as an individual. On top of this, 2 other individual athletes will also represent Tromello Programming, such as Chelsey Grigsby (7th) and Nolan Gouveia (19th). Not to be left out, our Masters athletes totally killed it. We will have 5 represent in the Masters Qualifiers from Precision with 4 more representing Tromello Programming as well. This is the Regional Games for the Masters athletes as only the top 1% do well enough in the Open worldwide to get a shot to compete for a top 20 Games spot. Representing will be Bill & James Grundler 1st in the world (45-49), Alison Locke 12th in the world (60+), Robby Johnson 16th in the world (55-59), Aaron Kleefisch 111th in the world (35-39), Mattias Wikstrom 85th in the world (40-44), Megan Able 128th in the world (40-44), Sean Lewis 154th in the world (45-49), and Rob Miller 144th in the world (55-59). CrossFit is the most competitive it has ever been, so the task that these athletes accomplished is quite remarkable. However, what is really cool was how Precision faired as a whole. 

This year, without our top athletes, Precision would have finished 16th in all of Southern California. With the top 15 making it to Regionals, there is no doubt the gym would qualify once other teams drop their best scores due to their individual qualifiers and the re-assortment of Teams occured. In addition we had 12 Masters athletes finish in the top 50 in all of So Cal. These athletes are Rebecca Johnson 41st (35-39), Aaron Kleefisch 5th (35-39), Javen Settles 33rd (35-39), Megan Able 5th (40-44), Mandy Vaughn 50th (40-44), Mattias Wikstrom 7th (40-44), Claudia Ragsdale 13th (45-49), Jeff Borders 19th (45-49), Jimmy Pitillo 43rd (45-49), James Meyers 26th (50-54), Cory Buechel 38th (50-54), and Rob Miller 11th (55-59). This quite the spectacular feat Precision. You are truly in the top 1% of California. Let that sink in for a bit. Pretty rad… right? You’re all beasts. Well done!

Precision, we are clearly the fittest we have ever been. We had 78 people sign up for the Open and almost every one of you completed all 5 weeks. This is a tremendous accomplishment in its own right. We as a staff are very proud of you all. Every one of you should be excited with what we all accomplished. Just like last year, we will build on this accomplishment and make 2018 even better. All you all up for it?!



400 M. Run or Row 

3 Rounds 

10 Pass Throughs 

10 Good Mornings 

10 OHS

10 Push Ups 




 3 Rounds (At a Walking Pace)

8E Alt. DB Strict Press 

10 Weighted Push Ups 

20 Sec. Hollow Hold 


Front Squat 

3 @ 65%

3 @ 70%

2 x 3 @ 75%



For Time:

40 Wall Ball (20/14) (16/10) (14/6)

40 Pull Ups 

30 Wall Ball 

30 C2B Pull Ups 

20 Wall Ball 

20 Pull Ups 

10 Wall Ball 

10 Bar Muscle Ups 

*Sub. Bar MU for Burpee C2B Pull Ups Accordingly.

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