Back in May we officially began our new training cycle for the 2016-2017 calendar year. We started with baseline testing to be re-tested at the beginning of each new quarter. Can you believe quarter two is now over?! Each training mesocycle so far has focused on compounding elements building upon each other for ultimate results. In quarter one we focused on improving technical efficiency particularly that of the barbell pathway in regards to our lifts. We spent a tremendous of amount of time on our overall core and overhead stability, and we spent a tremendous amount of time developing our gymnastics strict strength. In quarter 2 we began to build up more of a strength base. The programming focused tremendously on building max strength as well as gymnastic endurance and efficiency. I also began to throw various elements that will be seen in quarter 3 particularly in regards to capacity development. Finally, I remained focused on develeoping lactic threshold and aerobic capacity more so than in years past. I also scheduled more deload weeks. The more I observed all of your progress the better I was able to understand the needs of the gym as a whole in throughout this quarter. It is now time to assess your progress which is big when it comes to getting the results we want. It also helps me greatly with the programming to make sure that I am going in the right direction. However, this time around I have changed many of the test’s! We will still be testing the same elements but I thought it would be better to spice it up a bit. I find that many of our athletes respond better to new stimulus’s especially when the workouts look fun! It is a mental thing. Doing the same test’s seems like monotony to many. Although, you show up to do them it is still hard to get psyched up to perform well. I hope you all like what I have come up with! If you are looking to improve, I highly suggest making all the test workouts or finding a way to get them done. If you are planning to be a Regional athlete, you should do every one of these. Make sure to log all the workouts, lifts, and skills tested. It is imperative you do this to track your progress, so you can achieve the best possible outcome.

As stated in May, the programming is being designed from a strength & conditioning perspective. I have broken down all the movements of CrossFit as well as the body’s energy systems that need to be stressed in order to achieve the best results. By breaking down what it means to be fit, I am able to scale, modify, and adjust workouts according to ability level. What we are looking to achieve is ultimate levels of fitness and that is exactly the goal of the programming when I laid out the 52 week training year. The 2017 CrossFit Games Open is roughly 14 weeks from now. It will be fun to see how we all do in the year. Above is this year’s updated training plan. I will constantly be updating the plan throughout the year and posting it. Schedules and events always change. See you all in the gym!

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400 M. Run or Row

10 Walking High Knee Holds

10 Walking Flamingo’s

10 High Kicks

10 Lunging World’s Greatest

10 Inch Worms

10 Side Lunges


Hip & Shoulder Mobility


Pull Up Strength Assessment

ADV/INT= Find a 1RM Weighted Strict Pull Up & Ring Dip

BEG= 10 Strict Dips For Time 


Max Effort Set of Hollow Rocks (Work to Failure)

*Record you scores



5 x 500 M. Row

*Rest 1 Min. between each 500 and before your 250’s.

10 x 250

*Rest :30 Sec. between each 250 and 2 Min. before your 2K Row.

2K Row For Time

*Score = 2K Time.


Roll and stretch

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