Smiley and I after the Finals at the 2013 CrossFit Games. We had been open for just over a year.

This month Precision CrossFit celebrates 5 years since we opened our doors. I remember thinking back in 2012 when we signed a 5 year lease, “What would Precision be by the end?” I think it has become more than I ever hoped it would be. We opened as one of five gyms within our area. We had opposition from all over and I remember daily thinking to myself to just stay focused on the development of the Precision brand. I wanted to us to be recognized as an elite training facility, not only within our area but on a global scale. I have never been known to think small. In fact, nobody in my family does. Five years have passed. We have mailed our apparel all over the globe from Germany to Japan. CrossFitters from all around follow this Precision blog.We run successful competitions that now include a waiting list for those hoping they get to take part. My Breaking Muscle videos average 1.8 million views a post and Tromello Programming has grown to reach competitive CrossFitters throughout the nation… not just in California. Yes, I would say we have become a recognized gym on a global scale. However, I truly feel like we are just getting started. My personal goal was to be full time at Precision by the end of those 5 years and I have accomplished this. In doing so, now I feel like I can focus even more on what I want Precision to be. I want it to continue to grow. To bring in people that not only love their gym but the family within it. I don’t want to be a gym that loses its roots and the core values that it set forth upon the opening of its doors. We will be a place for everyone to train. We will offer fantastic coaching to all levels, a supportive environment, and genuine togetherness. I still want those that join to know that they are not just joining a gym… but a family. Community is a buzz word that gets thrown around a ton in the CrossFit world. Heck…it is in our slogan. Yes, we are a community and a part of much larger CrossFit one. But it is easy to leave a community. People do it all the time, picking up and moving their family to various communities. Heck, I did so on a few occasions in my upbringing. However, I see everyday that Precision not just a fitness community: Precision is a family. We accept everyone. It is a place for new beginnings, change, and second chances. When you walk in our door, those that need it will be given a clean slate. I want the decision to leave someday to be extremely hard for people; that’s the kind of family I want us to be for each other, the kind that is hard to part with. Sure, I want the global recognition and acknowledgment for what we bring professionally to the table. However, what I want for those people that fill the gym everyday is true togetherness. I feel like this is the greatest gift of all. Here is to five years and many more to come. Thank you all for your support near and far. 

Fitness – Strength – Community


400 M. Run

10 Walking High Knee Holds 

10 Walking Flamingos 

10 Walking Lunges 

10 Inch Worms 

10 Side Lunges 




Work on D-Ball Technique 



​For Time: (Teams of 2)

100/75 Cal. Row

100 H.R. Push Ups 

100 KBS (53/44) (44/35) (35/26) (26/20)

400 Double Unders 

1 Mile Run 

50 D-Ball / S.B. Ground up Over Shoulder (150/120/100/75/50)

*You must tag your partner each time you switch.

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