What makes and breaks a community? I have written about this a few times over the years. It is a question that often gets brought up to me in various forms on many different occasions. People want to know what is different about Precision’s community in comparison to others? I have come up with a variety of answers when pondering these questions and honestly the answers have not changed much at all since we opened our doors back in 2012.

Here is what I think. What makes the Precision family is selflessness. Being able to give up yourself to those around you. To be exposed, if you will, and to let those around you in, so they can help you, cheer for you or just be there when you need them. A community finds a way to stick together regardless of obstacles. When a new member comes around, it accepts that person graciously, warmly, and whole-heartedly as one of their own seeing through their faults. What breaks a community is selfishness. Having a person, or persons, who stir a pot so that others can feed on negativity will eventually lead to nothing but the loss of that community. I have been on teams that have won championships, and I have been on teams that have barely won any games. You know what the difference always was? It was not talent. It was not effort. It was indecisiveness. It was ego. It was selfishness. The teams that won championships were selfless; they were… families. They cared about each other. They played for each other and they won for each other. The teams that lost were all about themselves. They were about their individual stats. They were about what was best for them and them only. They did not care about the Team. On each of these teams there were guys that would try and divide it, guys that would create a divide in the locker room and take with them any poor sucker along the way. The teams that won as a collective community pushed out those cancers and drowned them out with the noise of togetherness. The teams that lost let those cancers manifest and grow until they consumed what good was left amongst them. 

Here at Precision we have a family that is strong and accepting. Much like the teams I captained that won college football championships, it is divided by no one. Although there are always forces that have and will try and do so, staying strong and believing in each other have and will keep us together. Of course, there is always adversity and tough times, but together we are always one and together we can push through anything. The Wall of Blue is not just a community… it’s a family. To me, there is a difference.



500 M. Row


3 Rounds

10 Pass Throughs

10 Good Mornings

10 High Shrugs

10 High Pulls

10 OHS


Shoulder Mobility

SKILL: (Handstand Walk Ability and Push Strength Test)

Adv. / Int. = 3 x Max Distance Handstand Walk

Scaled = 3 x Max Effort Handstand Hold Against Wall

*Score = Best of 3

Adv. / Int. = 1 Max Effort Set of Strict HSPU

Scaled = 1 Max Effort Set of Push Ups



10 Min. Work to a New 1RM (Test)

*Rep. example: 3,3,3,2,2,1,1,1 or 10 x 1


“AMANDA” (Glycotic – Skill Test)


Muscle Ups

Squat Snatch (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55) or 65% 1RM

*Int.= Burpee C2B Pull Ups or Bar Muscle Ups

**Scaled = Burpee Pull Ups.

***Please sub Squat Clean for Snatch accordingly. The energy system being tested is far more important than the movements.


Shoulder and Hip Mobility

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