Precision CrossFit in this last wod of the Open I have to ask a favor to you all. As you know I am laid up and done because of my Achilles injury. Due to the new “For Time” structure of this week’s workout I will be unable to post a score because I physically will not be able to do all 168 reps in any amount of time.  I watched many of you battle this wod yesterday and lay on the floor in utter exhaustion cursing this workout when it was over. Some of you were sick and mentally drained with no idea of how you can do any better. You have no idea how badly I wanted to switch places with you in your most horrific moments yesterday. How badly I want to hit this workout for you all. How badly I want to feel that moment where you have nothing left in you but the size of your heart. I want to feel that again so badly right now, but I can’t. I will again one day but I will have to wait. However, you all can. You all can push. You all can put your heart and soul into each rep and lay there when it is over in your own sweet and know that it is over when I cannot. So I know you are all tired. I know you are all beaten down and that this Open season has been stressful. You are burnt out and I know exactly how you feel. But I want you to think, what if you were unable to do it? Imagine sitting in my position wanting to switch with you so very badly. Let that center you and focus you to a final fantastic finish in the Open to solidly qualify Team Precision for Regionals. We need you all to give it everything you have. To push when there is nothing left but heart. I can’t but you can so please give it everything, take nothing and want to be great in that moment. Love you all P.C.! Together We are One!!

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