I had a moment today where I was standing in my kitchen at home trying to make myself some lunch. Little D was crawling all around me. Yes, I am not kidding he was crawling everywhere and getting into everything. My phone rings and it is Billy on the other end asking me about a Shakedown wod. He wants one thing I want something else. You know the usual thing. We are going back and forth but I really want it to go my way, of course. We are talking for like 10 min. and Little D is tired of crawling around so he is now at my feet whining at me to pick him up. I am too busy stating my case on the phone while trying to make myself some form of a meal to pay attention to him. It is just utter chaos! Then suddenly it dawned on me. Life is good! I mean my son was crawling! Not just in one small spot like he had been doing previously, but everywhere. He had learned how to turn and go faster or slower and how to cover a ton of ground quickly. He could not do that yesterday. Thats remarkable! On top of that I am on the phone with one of my best friends arguing about a workout! A workout, hahahha. Like it is the end of the world. I had to stop and take a moment to drink it in. My kid was doing something new for the first time and I realized that I have the greatest job in the world. I get to program workouts and help change people’s lives for a living, wow! It does not get better than that. I get to have lunch with my son all summer. I get to talk about CrossFit and get paid to do so. Life is good. So I calmed down finished up my convo with my buddy Billy and picked Little D up. He gave me the biggest smile and an eschimo kiss. We then proceeded to make my lunch together with him holding the various things that I needed. What an amazing experience.
I know sometimes we all sweat the small stuff. I am as big a culprit as anyone, but not today. Today I remembered to take a step back and drink it all in. There were amazing things happening all around me. Let that be a lesson to us all. When you think your having a crappy day just stop and take a look around. It might surprise you. Try not to sweat the small things. It will make you appreciate things, people, and places maybe a bit more. I am glad I did so today. I might have missed something truly remarkable!
Also, I want to thank Greg for the amazing post today. I am truly honored, humbled, and blessed by you all. Thanks for the acknowledgment. Fitness-Strength-Community


L.T. one of the greatest running backs of all time retires. Glad I got to watch every season he played and was mature enough to respect what I was witnessing.

250 M. Row (Easy)
250 M. Row (Mod. Sprint)
250 M. Row (Easy)
250 M. Row (Sprint)

*Rest 1-2 Min. or work with partner

7 Min. of Handstand Walk

*Practice your technique and have fun!

Strict Press
3×3 (75-85%)

Handstand Push Ups
Hand Release Push Ups

*Sub Handstand Push Ups for Ring or Parrallett Push Ups & T2B for K2E’s or T2Rings accordingly

Lacrosse Ball Shoulders and Lats

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