I just want to reiterate to everyone where we are at with the programming on this blog. We are currently in our maintenance cycle until May 1, 2015. This is why you are seeing a lot of EMOMs, complexes, and work to heavy single, double, etc. lifts. It is also why the skill has become more dynamic at times with handstand walk practice, highly skilled muscle up progressions, and other various gymnastic skills. The goals is to take the fitness we developed over the past year and to learn, develop, or become more efficient with it until we start a new 52 week training cycle. As of May 1, 2015, the new training cycle to prep for the 2016 Open will begin. If you are member of Precision or follow our blog, be ready to test the first 2 weeks of May. There will be adjustments to the testing cycle for 2016. You will see some different bench marks as the sport is constantly evolving and so must we. Enjoy the rest of April and gear up for May!




10 x 500 M. Rowing Repeats

*First 2-3 repeats should be easy going. Then gradually pick up on round 4 & 5. You should be settled in a good pace by round 5.

**You can do this with a partner as well. Your rest time will be slightly longer but your intensity should be much higher.

***Record your average split time. (COMPARE TO 6/5/14, 7/23/14, 8/26/14, 10/22/14, 11/18/14, 1/28/15, & 3/5/14)


125 Sit Ups For Time


Mobilize hips and body thoroughly. Take this time to aid in your bodies recovery.

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