WOD #1: (8 Min Cap)

Team Fran




* This will be a Fran Relay with all 4 members doing an individual Fran workout. There will be two stations one for the Guys and one for the Girls. On 3-2-1 Go! Guy and Girl 1 will start. Once the last pull up is completed Guy and Girl 2 will start. Neither pair has to wait for the other to finish. The guys are on their own as are the girls. Clock stops when last athlete finishes.

WOD #2 (18min cap)

2x500M. Row (Pair 1)

30 Hang Cleans (155/105) (Pair 2)

30 Front Squats (155/105)


2x500M. Row (Pair 2)

30 Box Jumps.(30) (Pair 1)

30 Power Snatch (135/95)


2x500M. Row (Pair 1)

40 HSPU’s (Pair 2)

40 burpees


2x500M. Row (Pair 2)

40 T2B (Pair 1)

20 MU

***Athletes will work in the same pair the entire WOD. While two members are rowing the other two are performing the couplet, then they will switch. A pair cannot row twice. For example pair 1 rowing must then move on to the 30 Box Jumps & Power snatches. Each Round must be fully completed before moving on to the next.

WOD #3: (8 Min. Cap)

4 Min. AMRAP

Weighted GHD Sit Ups (10/4)

4 Min. AMRAP


*From the ground.


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