A huge congratulations to Team Precision who took 3rd place overall, and 1st place for best female lifter at the Waxman’s Gym Affiliate Weightlifting Invitational! This was an invite only meet with only the top CrossFit’s in So Cal going head to head. What made this competition interesting is that the event was scored based off of strength relative to body weight. Not only did Katie hit the highest total weight, but she also hit the most based on her size, which is extremely impressive! In addition she PR’D her competition total @ 179K with a 79K (174 lbs.) Snatch and a 100K (220 lbs.) Clean & Jerk. However, there was some very good competition there which pushed Katie to have to work in order take home the crown for her second year in a row. In fact, it came down to her final clean & jerk setting up a dramatic finish where Katie had to tie her current competition PR. The consummate competitor that Katie is allowed her to show no quit and earn a dramatic victory by just 1 Kilo!

Jon, who had a stellar competition last week, struggled on his last two snatches Sunday to only hit 90K (198 lbs.). This is 9K under his competition PR of 99K (218 lbs.). Although this could have been disastrous for the team in regards to placing in the top 3, Jon came roaring back in the Clean & Jerk. While others struggled due to the sure exhaustion of a lifting competition, Jon centered himself and found is zone. He went 3 for 3 on the Clean & Jerk including his final lift, which was a PR at 123K (271 lbs.). This was a huge lift for Jon at a body weight of 72K (158.4 lbs.) as it propelled Team Precision onto the podium to take 3rd place overall! It made for a theatrical finish to an exciting day, and offered redemption to Team Precision from last year getting us back on the podium. Jon’s persistence and ability to overcome truly is what made placing in this competition so much sweeter. It was a tough fight and definitely earned by both competitors. Let’s give them a big shout out wall of blue!





400 M. Run / Row

2 Rounds

10 Hang Cleans

10 Front Squats

10 Push Jerks


5 Min. of Hip and Shoulder Mobiltiy



2 Cleans + 1 Jerk

(Rest the remainder of the minute)

*Progressively add weight accordingly based on comfort level

Men: Work from (45-85% 1RM)

Women: Work from (45-85% 1RM)


Proceed to load up to your WOD weight.

WOD: (Compare to 11/22/13)


25 Min. AMRAP

2 Muscle Up

1 Complex (Dead Lift, Power Clean, Front Squat, Jerk)

*(225/155) (205/135) (185/125) (165/115) or 75% 1RM Jerk

**Sub. MU for 4 C2B Pull Ups or 6 Ring Dips Accordingly.


Roll & Stretch

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