Starting in June we will officially begin our programming to prepare us for next year’s Open and Regional Games. As I stated in previous blogs everyone needs a goal to work towards when it comes to programming, a calendar to follow if you will. I judge Precision CrossFit’s yearly plan on prepping the gym for the Open and Regional’s. Whether you do the events or not it gives the gym as a whole an end game, a light at the end of the tunnel. As an individual you may have a separate goal for yourself or date in which you want to be at a certain point and I would be more than happy to meet with you to set a plan for you to follow to achieve this. However, for the sake of the blog our plan is based on a 52 week calendar year in preparation for the CrossFit Games event’s. As of right now we have 38 weeks until the 2015 Open and 50-52 weeks until next year’s Regional Games. Although, it may seem as if the season just ended when you throw in all the events, competitions, and miscellaneous things that come along your weeks begin to dwindle away for athlete preparation. Now for many of you this is no big deal as you train for health and to better yourselves. Every week it is about getting better as this is what CrossFit is all about. You have various different goals all of which I work tirelessly to help you achieve. However, for the select few of you this calendar matters greatly. You should pay close attention to it and carefully plan your year if competing at the highest level is a goal for you. The blog will be written according to this calendar along with individual programming should you ask for it. Precision CrossFit has been at Regional’s every year since we have opened including the CrossFit Games last year. We have athletes successful at every level of competition from the weekend throwdown to the marathon race, adult soccer league, and 5k’s. If being better at life is your goal then we are the place to help you become better inside and out. I program this way and I truly believe that we are helping each athlete create a better version of themselves. Just like last year we will test quarterly again. Our first month of testing will begin next week with a handful of girl workouts and task’s. If competing at the Regional level is your goal I highly recommend you do not miss any of the testing periods. If becoming a better version of yourself is the goal it is still good to hit these test workouts in order to judge your improvement in overall fitness. Each test wod will be marked clearly on the blog. I look forward to an exciting year ahead and cannot wait to watch you all get better! Here is to the future!!




400 M. Jog

2 Rounds

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Pass Throughs





4-6 Strict Pull Ups

*Add weight as needed.



1000 M. Row

Rest 2 Min.

2000 M. Row

Rest 3 Min.

1000 M. Row

*Score = total time


Roll & Mobilize

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