2012 “Battle of the Boxes” Re-Cap

Saturday night as I left CrossFit Ventura, home of the “Battle of the Boxes” competition, I was filled with a ton of positive emotion. Exactly 7 months to the day of our boxes opening we placed two teams in the top 3; “THAT Team” consisting of Cory, Brad, Mel, and Kat got 2nd in the modified division, and “Team Precision CrossFit” consisting of Dan, Katie, Annie, and myself got 1st place in the RX’D division. We have been podiuming many athletes and teams as of late, and although there are several reasons why, what I feel the biggest reason for this is our strong community. By the time I got home from the day’s festivities I was on such a high just thinking of everything Greg and I have worked so hard to build. However, what really helped me put it all into perspective was my son, as I stayed up all night with him while he threw up from the stomach flu. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep, but I was totally ok with it. No matter how dead tired I was, it brought me back down to earth. You see the reason why we all compete and love CrossFit so much is because of family, because of community. Taking care of my son reminded me that I CrossFit for him. I CrossFit to provide him and my family a good life. I CrossFit to help you all have better lives. That is what Saturday was about, bringing us all together to better our lives.

Although, the day started off with rain it quickly turned into sunshine as the days events unfolded. We had five teams representing Precision CrossFit on Saturday. “THAT Team” consisting of Cory, Brad, Mel, and Kat & “Past our Prime” consisting of Juan, Pat, Lynn, and Lisa laid the smack down in the modified division, while “Team Badger Milk” Gregford, Hunter, Liz, and Haley, “Team BAZINGA” Mike G, Matt V, Jess, and Crystal, and “Team Precision CrossFit” Mike T, Dan, Katie, and Annie represented in the RX’d division. Since there were so many amazing highlights from the competition, I am going to break down each team’s performance individually for you all.

“THAT Team” – Cory, Brad, Mel, & Kat

Our second place finishers from the modified division this team got the short end of the stick having to start off the day first in heat 1, which began at 8:00 am. This can be a tall order, especially due to the fact that the team consisted of three first time competitors in Brad, Cory, and Mel, however no one told them that. Kat, a very seasoned CrossFitter, did a phenomenal job taking the lead for her team. Throughout the day Kat consistently set her team up for success, while keeping things positive for all. As a coach I could not be more proud of Kat and her decision making process throughout the day. Her team looked extremely well prepared for the days wod’s as it showed with their podium finish. You could tell it was going to be a long day for the rest of the field during WOD #1. Although, they came into the building dead last after the partner carry they quickly made up ground during the dead lift portion of the workout. They blew past everyone to finish first in their heat and several minutes ahead any other team. As they walked towards me upon the completion of their workout, I told them to look behind them at all the teams still going. I think they were in a bit of shock. You never really quite know your abilities until you test them against others, and they all sure have some ability! This was proven yet again during wod #2 as they got into a dog fight with another team. Upon the completion of two huge lifts from Mel and Brad, both who PR’d, they fell behind during the girl’s body weight portion of the workout leaving it all on Brad and Cory to make up some serious ground. It was freaken awesome, 20 pull ups strait Brad then Cory followed by a quick set up burpees and they were passed their competition and off to the races. Getting to the sit up portion of the workout they killed themselves winning their heat yet again and solidifying a second place finish, bravo guys. Brad and Cory you two were unstoppable. Your CrossFit journey is just beginning with many podium finishes in your future. Both your heart and desire to win are immeasurable. You guys are beasts! Mel, I have been telling you for some time now how good you are at this sport. Your work ethic, desire to learn, and attitude are immense. You are so much better than you think you are and I hope Saturday proves that to you! Always believe in yourself, I sure believe in you. Kat, although I have always thought very highly of you as a CrossFit athlete and consider you to be one of the best in the gym, I must say you’re a hell of a coach. The job you did preparing your team was remarkable. You deserve to own that the podium finish, as a coach. Although, your sweat definitely helped get your team up there, it was your coaching that was most important. Great job 2010 Regional competitor, your heart and determination when focused on the prize has always been second to none! Well done Buckly.


“Past Our Prime” – Juan, Pat, Lynn, and Lisa

Of all the teams competing Saturday, this was the team I was most excited to watch. Not because of their age, they were the oldest group in the entire field, but because of the people that made up the team. Lynn, Lisa, and Pat started their CrossFit journey when I did. They are my oldest CrossFit family members and have come to several competitions that I have competed in to lend their support. Juan also was very special to this team being one of the first new members of Precision CrossFit, and Smiley’s best friend. This team held a special place in all our hearts and we were all going to make sure we were there to finally cheer them on in a competition, for a change. Cheer we did as they did not disappoint. The four of them battled to a 5th place finish in the modified division beating teams half their age. The greatest thing was they did it with a constant smile on their face, or a bike helmet or two. They were in good spirits regardless of weather or abilities. They came to have fun at all costs and it was contagious for us all. There were so many highlights from this team’s performance. Juan being carried in by Lisa with his hand up in the air through the door was awesome. Lynn doing the floater workout with a bike helmet on and head phones was hilarious. Pat PR’ing his Overhead squat was so bad ass that I lost my voice screaming for him. This team shocked me all day. Word’s cannot express how amazing they were together. Watching them come from behind in both workouts to take second in each of their heats was inspiring. These old geezers hahaha, out lifted the field during the dead lift portion of wod #1. Then they proceeded to kill themselves during wod #2, once again out lifting the field during the ground to overhead portion of the workout. Lynn and Lisa were as advertised during the body weight portion of wod 2 and put their huge hearts on display for us all. Pat and Juan destroyed themselves during their own body weight portion, as both of them had the look of death on their faces during those plate holds, but they never quit. With Juan’s entire family screaming and his children holding posters we all screamed alongside them. When the dust settled even the judges were inspired by this team of amazing individuals. They just got a little taste of these four. We get to be inspired by them daily. I am glad to be your coach guys, but most importantly I am glad to be your friend. Thanks for always being positive role models for us all.


“Team Badger Milk” – Hunter, Gregford, Liz, and Haley

Our first RX’d team to throwdown; this team was a very interesting mix of athletes. You had Hunter a very talented CrossFitter competing in his very first competition. Gregford the most experienced of the group having competed on several occasions, and at very high levels. Liz was competing in her first competition in the RX’d division, and Haley, who is our beastly masters female competitor, rounded out the field. All had been training specifically for this competition and were ready to go. The RX’d division weight was heavy, complete with a 275/185lb dead lift in wod #1 and a 135/95 lb ground to overhead in wod #2. You would have never thought it was for them though. Once again this team was last in the door after the partner carry in wod #1, but found a way to storm back throughout the workout. Liz repping the 185lb dead lift was my favorite moment of this workout. However, I loved watching the intensity on both Hunter and Gregfords faces mixed with the always calm and collected Deborah Haley. During wod #2 both Hunter and Gregford out lifted the entire field but you would never had known it as they both were so hard on themselves for missing the numbers that they truly wanted to hit. This just shows me how amazing they both are as competitors and how good they inspire to be. Although, they went big, they were so hard on themselves that did not realize that they had just out lifted everyone else around them. I remember when either of them could barely hit 95lbs in a workout, haha. Hunter, I think you got a taste for the competition thing now and I can’t wait to coach you in many more competitions. Gregford, I think you might be my favorite athlete to watch. It’s because you always surprise me in competition. You find always find that extra rep or energy burst. You always raise your game for your team. You were a machine and of course I look forward to the next one! It was a pleasure to watch this team go to battle in each wod. Haley did what she does best by putting forth rep after rep when it was her turn to throwdown. Haley, you are so consistent and you never look tired. I am excited to win some big Master’s competitions this year with you. I know you will have a crew of Precision peeps cheering on along the way. Liz, you never quite and showed everyone that you belonged in the RX’d division. Even your old Beachside peeps were impressed with how strong you have gotten. Well done guys, well done!


“Team Bazinga” – Mike G, Matt V, Jess, & Crystal

This team holds a special place in my heart being that it consisted of three members from this year’s Regional Team in Matt V, Crystal, and Jess. In addition, what made this team extremely special was that Jess flew down from Colorado just to represent her home town box in a competition. We all love and miss Jess and although we have not gotten to see her much on happy terms of late, it was great to finally enjoy a fun event with her. Her smile is contagious and her positive energy makes everyone around her better. Moreover, we had Mike G throwing down for the first time with one of our most talented teams. Mike works his ass off day in and day out. His work ethic is inspiring, and I felt it was very deserving for him to compete alongside such talented athletes. Mike did not disappoint and competed ferociously helping his team to a 7th place finish over all. Matt V, of course, was mister consistent, a consummate competitor.  Regardless of the situation Matt V will always find a way to go big, to do what is necessary for his team to succeed. A great memory of Matt from this comp was seeing him after the floater agonizing in pain. He was sitting in his chair grabbing and rolling his legs in utter agony, a sign of things to come for me, haha. Not a lot of people would take their bodies to that level, but Matt did for his team.

What made me extra proud of this team was that they finished 4th overall in the snatch complex portion of the competition. Everyone hit their current PR’s or higher while Crystal hit the most of any female in the competition at 165lbs! I have wanted Crystal to hit this lift for some time now and she did not just hit it she proceeded to do 3 over head squats after the fact. What this showed me, as a coach, is that physically she is coming right along. She has the pull to hit a 200lb snatch someday, but what is holding her back is her overall back and stabilizer strength. Being able to hit a 10 lb PR then do over squats after tells me that she is definitely getting stronger in those areas. I am so extremely proud of Crystal I love what kind of competitor she is. She has tremendous focus and always remembers to have a great time! Well done Riggs!


“Team Precision CrossFit” – (Mike, Daniel, Katie, & Annie)

When we signed up for this competition a few months back we entered to win. Second place was not an option for us and we knew we were going to have one hell of a dog fight on our hands once we got there. The day the heat list came out I circled three teams, CrossFit Anacapa, Beachside CrossFit, and CrossFit Inferno. I knew Anacapa had a few regional competitors from other regions on their team and would be very competitive. Beachside CrossFit has Nathan Doud and you can never count him or his team out. CrossFit Inferno, has Bill Grundler and although I was not sure if he was going to compete or not, he is a legendary CrossFit competitor and former games athlete. Any team he was going to put out there was going to be really good, which they were.

We originally had Julie Adams slated to compete with us in this competition but due to a knee injury, and lifting Nationals right around the corner we decided to pull her out. I wanted her to be fresh competing in the competition that she had worked months to prepare for. Although, I wanted to win badly risking her health was not something I was willing to do. So I put in a call to my good friend Annie Austad of CrossFit Eagle Rock to see if she would want to take her place and that she did. Annie is a phenomenal competitor in her own right having taken regionals by storm this year she has had many epic battles both with Katie and Julie. She is definitely the pride of CrossFit Eagle Rock but it was great to have her wear Precision blue for a day.

When I arrived at the competition the first person I saw was Bill Grundler standing in line. Right then I knew we were about to have a battle on our hands. I was not sure why, but I just knew. It started off in wod #1 when I lined up next to him; a little star struck I introduced myself to him. He was the coolest guy and it made me that much more excited to compete. We got off to blazing start in this workout, working to feverish pace we finished a few seconds behind Inferno but far away from the rest of the pack. Sitting in second we tackled the floater knowing we had to win it. That we did, by 11 excruciating calories. Going at the same time as Inferno we had a good idea of what we needed to do, sacrifice our bodies and endure the painful recovery in order to take home a victory. Having watched our other competitors take on this workout earlier we knew what we were getting in to. Each one of us killed ourselves with me taking the worst of it crawling and screaming in agony on the wet ground, which seemed like an eternity. People were generally worried about me, but I had been in that state before. It was something I was willing to endure for my team to win. I knew that I would eventually recover even with Gregford hitting my legs, hahaha.

Now we were tied one victory a piece going into the final workout. This is where; I think I was a part of one of my greatest moments in sports. The crowd knew this wod was for all the marbles and came in full force to cheer us on. We had the Precision crew mixed with the Beachside and Inferno crews and everyone in between creating a very loud thrill seeking environment. The snatch is my very best lift and although I have hit 225lbs in the past I was not sure if I could hit 3 ohs after. I knew I had to go big. One, this portion of the wod was scored separately, so a victory here was going to be big in the overall standings. Two, my brother’s overhead squats are not that strong so the athlete who was by far our strongest competitor actually became our weakness. What a turn of events, but that is CrossFit. I knew Katie and Annie would take care of their end hitting the 2nd and 4th highest totals of the night in 155 and 125lbs, only losing to our own girls in Crystal and Jess. I had originally planned to hit 205 to start and work my way up, however it took Daniel three attempts to hit his number and with the amount of time on the clock I had to start higher, much higher. Once my bro had hit 185lbs successfully, I threw on 215lbs and easily hit that. With two minutes left on the clock and knowing that Inferno was attempting to both hit 215lbs themselves, I made the conscious decision to go for 225lbs. My brother grabbed me close and told me to take my time and that I was only going to get one shot at it. I turned the bar to face Inferno thinking maybe if it would pump me up more to hit it in front of them.  I could feel the crowd’s energy and went for it. A big pull, I could feel the bar wanting to travel far behind my head, but I found a way to stabilize it, patience I told myself. After, what seemed like eternity I was up, then 1, 2, 3 I hit my overhead squats. The crowd roared throughout this entire moment in time, definitely a highlight in my athletic career. I had never felt so much energy before. My brother went nutt’s, I went nutt’s and we quickly realized we had to come back down to earth for the next portion of the wod.

Fifty grounds to overhead later, we fell 4 reps behind as Katie and Annie took on the body weight portion of the wod. They worked effortlessly taking the lead and handing the wod back to us, where Daniel and I gave it everything we had. The plate holds proved to take their toll on us and we fell behind as the girls started their ground to overhead portion of the wod. They almost caught them, but when the clock hit zero we had lost the wod, and what we thought was the competition. We were ok with it. We had given it our all and shit we were losing to Bill Grundlers team. He and his box are the real deal. This was of course until they called our names to the podium in first place!! Turns out we had a second, a first, a first, and a second place finish. While, Inferno had a first, a third, a third, and a first place finish. This gave us a .02 point victory and shocked us all! Clearly the pain we put ourselves through during the floater was worth it and Katie and I making the conscious decisions to hit our current snatch PR’s during the lifting portion made all the difference. When we were announced to take the podium the Precision crew roared in excitement, a big day for PC with so much love to go around.

I cannot express how much fun it was to compete alongside my brother, Katie, and Annie. Daniel and I growing up were always one year a part from being able to play on the same teams as each other. We have always longed to want to compete with each other. To be the real bash brothers, so to speak. It made it all that much more rewarding Saturday to not only win, but win something with my brother, truly a special moment for us both. However, no way in hell could Daniel and I have done it without Katie and Annie. These two girls are two of the biggest CrossFit names in So Cal. Without them we had no chance. They were dominating all day. It was obvious in every heat who the two best female athletes were in the competition, and they happened to be our teammates. We are so blessed at Precision to have Katie not only from an athletic perspective but from a coach’s perspective. She is seriously the glue that holds our little box together, always reliable in more ways than one. Annie, it was truly an honor for us to share the floor with you. You are such an amazing athlete but what makes you special is your humbleness. You’re an amazing person and it was a blast spending the day with you. Thank you for everything. Most importantly thank you CrossFit Eagle Rock for letting us borrow Annie for the day!

Even though, as a box, we were very successful podiuming two teams. What ultimately makes us successful was everyone coming together for a cause. Entire families came down to cheer on their box mates and at one point I had counted around 60 or so Precision supporters. This is just incredible. We have built something incredible at Precision and are looking forward to continuing to build it. To many more fun times ahead. Fitness – Strength – Community



3×200 M. Repeats

*Rest 1 Min.


7 Min. of Bar Work

-Hollow Taps

-Bar Push Aways

-Swing into Hollow Holds


Warm Up Power Clean



Teams of 3

30 Min. AMRAP (Follow the leader style)

Station 1:

Calorie Row

Station 2:

5 Power Cleans (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)

10 T2B

15 Wall Ball (20/14) (16/10) (10/6)

Station 3:

Double Unders

*Score equals total number of rounds completed combined with total calories and double unders.


Coach’s Stretch

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