If you are interested in competing at Battle of the Boxes held at the Ventura County Fair Grounds on November 15th, please contact coach Mike. As of right now we have 11 teams with 2 more almost formed. We can have as many teams as we want. This competition is not about competing per say, but rather about having a fun day with your Precision friends and family. It is about doing something fun together win, lose or draw. It is about getting to know each other better and maybe meeting someone you haven’t yet or meeting their family. This is a great competition every year. It is well run, clean, organized and the programming is always fun! If you do not want to compete, no problem, head on down to watch and cheer. You are all awesome and as our community grows it is awesome to spend time with each other outside the gym. I love bringing my kids to events like this because I know they will be surrounded by positive role models, which means a lot to me. I look forward to hearing from some of you and can’t wait to watch you throw down.

On a personal note. I will be making my come back as well in this comp. I will be competing again for the first time since rupturing my Achilles 8 months prior. I am proud to represent you all and happy to be back out there. Although you all come first to me as a coach. Competing again was a goal of mine when the injury occurred back in March. I am excited to rep blue on that competition floor once again!




400 M. Run / Row

3 Rounds

10 Front Squats (45/35/15)

10 Strict Press

10 Good Mornings

20 Sec. Handstand Hold


3 x 10 DB/KB Seated Strict Press (You choose the weight)

Pair With:

3 x 10 Supine BB Row

*Remain hollow!


Front Squat

5 @ 70%

3 @ 80%

2 @ 90%

*2 Rounds 5-3-2, then 5-3-2




ODD: 10 Unbroken KBS (70/53) (53/44) (35/26) (26/20)

EVEN: 5 Unbroken HSPU

*ADV. Strict HSPU

**Sub. 10 H.R. Push Ups for HSPU accordingly

1 MIN. Break

3 Rounds

20 Cal. Row

20 Pistols

*Sub. 40 Air Squats for Pistols Accordingly.

**Score = Total of unbroken rounds + Total Time


50 Weighed Sit Ups (You choose the weight)


Mobilize & Roll

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