I have had roughly one week to let the 2014 Battle of the Boxes marinate in my mind in regards to what I wanted to say in this re-cap. Although the day was not perfect with the event had a countless amount of flaws, as a community we flourished. We all could have easily complained, become angry, and disrespectful. Any one of these actions would have been warranted at times. I mean we brought over 50 athletes to this event who paid top dollar and we expected it to be top notch. When it wasn’t what did we do? We cheered louder. We worked out harder. We showed unwavering support until the very end, hours past when it was originally supposed to end. We supported our friends as they threw down and above all else. We handled ourselves with dignity and class. I could not be more proud of Precision CrossFit and the 100 or so athletes and spectators that came to the event to represent the Wall of Blue. We all make up Team Precision. We got love in our hearts and we accept all faults. I was super impressed with everyone and could not be more proud that you choose to a part of us.

As far as how we faired, well here are the stats. We had the most athletes competing at the event. We had the most teams. Oh and we had the most podium finishers. 3 in fact. Here is a big shout out to Team Precision (1st RX by way of a tie), Team PreSYNsion (1st Masters), and Team Icy Hot Part 2 (3rd Masters). We have always joked that we like to put banners on the wall at Precision. Due to our tie for 1st Team Precision did not earn a banner this year. However, that is ok because our bad ass Masters took care of that for us placing one on the wall for the 3rd year in a row! But enough about them, haha. Let’s hear it for all our teams who threw down in an epic proportion. I feel as if the M.C.’s were announcing Precision CrossFit all day due to all of the performances of these bad ass teams!

 Team Standings:



Team Precision 1st

Team Honky Tonk Badonkadonk 6th

Team Buffalos and Swinging Gibbons 8th

Team Tall & Mighty 14th

Team WOD Generations 30th



Team PreSYNsion 1st Place Masters

Team Icy Hot Part 2 3rd Place Masters



Team Oompa Loompas 12th

Team Underdogs 24th

Team Turn Down for Wod 29th

Team B Squad 31st

Team Thruck Fusters 32nd


I wish I could talk about every team but I would be here forever so I am just going to give you some highlights that I remember.

  • Kenzie in her first wod ever in competition. A deer in head lights! But she never gave up and pushed her limits.
  • Roccio on the box jumps. Smooth and fast!
  • Tom on Burpees. Get some!
  • Deanna stringing bar muscle ups, What!!
  • Mandy getting her first, second, third, etc. bar muscle ups! One of the coolest things ever!!
  • Daniel Tromello after wod #1. Need I say more!
  • Daimino’s slow motion broad jump. Pretty!
  • Jon’s broad jump. 10Ft. 10 Inches, what the!
  • Katie out jumping Daniel, hahahaha!
  • Devin Wilson’s hands after Wod #2.
  • Jordan’s bar muscle ups!!
  • My wife being a freaken bad ass! You all know what I am talking about!
  • Team Honky Tonk Badonkadonk on the floater. Quick, hahaha!
  • Lynn Gay on her burpees. I see you Lynn!!
  • Seth being bad ass as always!
  • Big Mike on Dead Lifts!
  • Jill throwing down in her first real competition!
  • Team Oompa Loompas during wod #2!
  • Team Precision being Team Precision!
  • Mallory on Bar Muscle Ups, holly shit!
  • Lindsey being Lindsey. What a beast!
  • Greg Marx always bringing his A game!
  • Team Icy Hot Part 2 being the silent assassins. Nobody saw them coming… again!!
  • Coach Mike’s first comp back after surgery. Yeah I threw that in there!


You were all exceptional. Although the competition could have ran better with better judging, wods, and scoring. That did not matter because the Wall of Blue prevailed. We had each other and that was all that mattered. On a side note. I want to make it clear that will be back at the Battle of the Boxes next year in full force along with all the events CrossFit Ventura throws. They have always done an exceptional job and everyone is allowed a pass and a second chance. Thank you Precision for being you. See you in the gym!






With a Partner:

8 x 200 M. Run

*Switch off after each one. 4 each!




Warm Up Wod Movements




2 x 30 Cal. Row (60 Total)


2 Rounds

30 Box Jump Overs (24)

30 Ground to O.H. (75)



2 x 30 Cal. Row (60 Total)


2 Rounds

30 T2B

30 Thrusters (75)



2 x 30 Cal. Row (60 Total)


2 Rounds

30 Wall Ball (20)

15 Muscle Ups



2 x 30 Cal. Row (60 Total)


2 Rounds


30 Hang Squat Snatch (75)

*Athletes will work in the same pair the entire WOD. While two members are rowing the other two are performing the couplet, then they will switch. A pair cannot row twice. For example pair 1 rowing must then move on to the 30 Pull Ups and 30 Thrusters. Each movement must be fully completed before moving on to the next.




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