Last Saturday’s “Beachside Beatdown” hosted by Beachside CrossFit was an event of epic proportions. One can easily blame the great workouts and awesome PR’s as proof enough for why this event kicked ass. However, what made this event special was the community. It was two great gym’s coming together to throw down for an amazing cause. People ran hard during the 3,000 M. sand run, lifted heavy during the clean & jerk ladder, and laid it all on the line during the final workout because the vibes were positive. Both gyms wanted to see the other succeed. Both gyms wanted to see the impossible become possible, and both gyms wanted the other to win as bad as they did themselves. The environment put forth by Beachside CrossFit was turned into a proving ground for success on all fronts. I was a very proud coach on this day. It was amazing to see athlete’s step outside their comfort zones such as Amanda Handlos who reluctantly went RX’d only to see her and her partner podium taking 2nd place. Watching Greg, Allen, Chris and Dillon podium for the very first time also was special. These guys put in a ton of work and did what was needed against some very talented competition. The same goes for Michelle, Lex and Melanie who also got on top of their first podium alongside my beautiful wife Emalee a full time mother, wife and career woman. The best highlights for me however came from two teams; “Old Enough to be your Dad” and “L.D.C.”. The first team consisted of Nick Tracy age 57 and George Wilhelm age 60 competing in their first ever real CrossFit event. They completed all events as prescribed even PR’ing during the clean & jerk ladder with Nick hitting a whopping 175 lbs! These guys were relentless all day and definitely showed some of the young guys how it is supposed to be done. The second team was very special to me because it consisted of my Mom Bonnie and Jill both of which competed in this event last year. But this year things were different as our family had suffered through a tragic loss just 2 weeks earlier with the passing of my Mother’s mom our grandmother. “L.D.C.” stood for Louis Diane Cohen my grandmother’s initials as my Mom dedicate the entire competition to her. Although, she had suffered a terrible loss she found solace in her CrossFit family to get back to training and to compete against people half her age alongside an amazing partner, person and friend Jill Breitzman. The “Beachside Beatdown” was an event for the Precision and Beachside communities to come together. Some amazing moments happened within the spirit of competition and a gym full of positive energy bringing the best out of people. I am already looking forward to next year!

P.S. The clean & jerk battle between Katie Crowe and Crystal Riggs was really fun to watch as was the battle between Daniel and Daimino.




500 M. Row

20 Push Ups

20 Air Squats


5 Min. of Mobility


Back Squat

6 x 1 @ 90%


“2K 5-0”

For Time:

2K Row

50 Burpee 6′

2K Row


125 Sit Ups For Time


Roll & Stretch

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