The other night I was watching the HBO Real Sports piece on Urban Meyer. Meyer is the Head Coach of the current National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes Football program. I have also been a fan of Meyer’s, especially being a Florida Gator Fan, as Meyer lead them to two National Championships a few years ago. He then abruptly retired from coaching, citing health issues at the age of 42, before popping back up on the coaching scene a year later with Ohio State. I remember at the time not being able to comprehend how such a young coach, at the top of his game could retire so early, especially due to health issues. Until I saw this piece.

It came down to family. He obsessed over coaching so much that it would often make him sick to his stomach. Even causing heart complications. For the most part he was a very healthy guy, but the amount of stress he put himself under caused him to have health complications and pulled him away from his family. I watched this piece, admiring this man whom I have looked up to as a coach, and started to think long and hard.

It is so easy to over obsess as a coach. Heck, I do it all the time. I live, breath and love every moment of what I do. Figuring out new ways to make people better challenges and motivates me. Even to the point where I have become sick or felt ill because of my obsessing. It too has taken me from my family and forced me to miss family events. However, when I decided that this was what I wanted to do for a living, I knew that this would be a price that my family and I would have to pay for success. Yet, this past year I started slowing down a bit. I do not go into the gym as much. I program and sometimes coach from afar. I have delegated tasks to other coaches and have given amazing people like Jose more control over our business. I did this to spend more time with my family. I decided that I did not want to be this coach who missed his kids growing up. My wife is amazing, but it is was not fair to her either. I mean, after all, we are and will always be in everything we do together. It is not me against the world–it is us. So I stepped back a bit. Truthfully, it has been really difficult. It is so hard to not try and be everywhere. To let someone else coach for you. To let someone else do the things that I have always done myself. It is just in my DNA. I believe that no one can do something better than me. It is just who I am.  Then I saw this piece and, man, it helped put things in perspective.

Urban Meyer did not want to be that father who missed his family’s accomplishments. He wanted to be the Dad that was there. He left Florida to be this guy and when he came back to coach at Ohio State, he signed a contract with his family. It stated that he would have dinner with his family. That he would go to his daughter’s volleyball games. That he would just be there as a Father and Husband in general. Football would not come first; his family would from then on. This year he put his family first. He stayed true to his contract and instead of breaking down film or obsessing over his next opponent, he went to family dinners or to a volleyball game. He then found a way to win the National Championship this year with a 3rd string quarterback. Wow! What an awesome story. He proved that at the highest level of sport what could be accomplished when one’s family comes first. That when everyone from your coaching staff to your athletes also buy into this belief, powerful things can be accomplished. I put my family first this year and focused on coaching second, and still Precision’s athletes, all of you, continue to improve. To reach milestones. To accomplish goals. The community is happy and people believe in what Precision represents.

Greg and I cannot be there all the time, but you guys are flourishing. Great leaders can lead from afar. I just want you all to know that I care about every one of you. All of your accomplishments from Holly Webb getting into Ohio State’s Veterinary School to Crystal Riggs going to Weightlifting Nationals, I enjoy equally. I love celebrating all of you. No one person’s accomplishment is bigger than anyone else’s.

At Precision CrossFit we believe in each other. We love each other. We are a community for each other. We want to be a part of each other’s successes. This belief in each other makes us all a part of something bigger than ourselves. Something we can all take pride in and be proud of. So as you win a 5k (Lindsey & Justin), get into Veterinary School, kick ass at the Shakedown, crush The Open. Just know that we all revel in that together. We are TEAM PRECISION! I do not know what else is in store for us all, but I sure as heck know that whatever it is better get ready because “Together We are One!”





400 M. Row or Run


2 Rounds

10 Pass Through’s

10 OHS

10 Good Mornings

20 Bumper Jacks


5 Min. of mobility



MIN. 1: Max Effort L Sit

MIN. 2: Kipping Pull Up Work (Adv. 5 Strict Weighted C2B Pull Ups)

MIN. 3: 10 In Place O.H. Lunges (At a tolerable load)



7 x 2 (Work to a heavy double)

*For those of you that have trouble with OHS. Bench Press 7 x 2. 



For Time:

75 Wall Balls (20/14) (16/10) (14/6)

60 Box Jumps (24) (20) (12)

45 KBS (70/53) (53/44) (44/35) (36/26)

30 Pistols (60 Air Squats)

15 Burpee Muscle Ups

*Sub. Burpee M.U. for Burpee C2B Pull Ups Accordingly.


Mobilize & Stretch


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