Body Fat Loss Challenge

 *NINE DAYS left to join the challenge and be ready for the summer!!

 *Get your body fat tested on 5/28 with the Hydrostatic Test and then re-tested on 7/1

 *The Winner will receive a FREE month at Precision Crossfit!! AND MORE

 *The challenge is $85 – that includes the test and re-test plus daily group support.

 *Invite your family & friends to join. It’s open to all.


-Sign up at the front desk (that’s when your card on file will be charged)

-Get your body fat tested on the 28th of May

-Find our group support on Facebook at “Precision’s Body Fat Loss Challenge”

Set Goals-Decide what plan of action(s) you’re going to take to lose the body fat


*add more fat burning workouts to your routine

*follow a specific way of eating – Paleo, whole30 diet, gluten free

*cut out soda, alcohol, and processed foods

*NO more fast food

*More sleep

*Less stress

-Share those goals with us on the facebook group

You have 9 days left to sign up!!!!

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