It was a heck of weekend down in San Diego where our very own Katie Crowe took part in the Southern California State Games Olympic Lifting Competition. The meet was held at CrossFit So Cal, and although the top 3 finishers can call themselves the California State Champs. The event also serves as a qualifier for the USA Open Weightlifting Championship and the National Weightlifting Championship. Much like a CrossFiter going to the CrossFit Games, these competitions mean the same thing to an olympic weightlifter. Even though the meet was a very big event with high stakes for a first timer in the sport, I knew that Katie, being the competitor that she is, would have a phenomenal performance. She did, and made one heck of splash while she was at it. The stakes where high for her when we got to the event. Not only did we want Katie to medal, but we also wanted her to qualify for Nationals. There was some stiff competition in her weight class, and although she hit big lifts in training, it is another thing to do so in competition. You see, weightlifting competitions can be very nerve racking experiences. You have to walk on to a stage and perform your lift in front of three judges and a crowd of spectators. The whole room is silent and you only have three attempts total in both the snatch and clean & jerk. Add the fact that your lifting in front of Team USA coach’s and other very heavily respected people in the Weightlifitng community and it can be a very tense environment. Katie handled it with poise, and despite the fact that she missed her first snatch attempt, found a way to settle down and put on a show!Their are not a lot of female’s as strong as Katie with her work ethic. Although the girl who took first place out snatched her, mainly due to her technique and experience, she couldn’t out lift her as katie pushed her to reach twice for her clean & jerk PR while still out lifting her by 4lbs. When the dust had settled Katie had lost by a kilo but had accomplished her goals. She medaled and qualified for Nationals in her very first oly competition. But she did more than just qualify. She went 21 Kilos above what she needed to do so. In addition, she also placed herself on the national scene as several Senior level and USA coach’s took notice. By the time Katie had finished her ever impressive last lift and recieved her medal. She had been invited by three different USA coach’s to come out anytime and workout with them. They wanted to know her background and sport ambitions, but most importantly would she be willing to focus solely on weightlifting? We all know that answer. Katie Crowe is the 15 fittest woman in So Cal. She is also a California State Champion in olympic lifting. We are just getting started folks. Katie started this journey a year and a half ago. We got our hearts set on some big time goals and we will accomplish them. Here is to Katie’s performance this weekend and to us all accomplishing the goals we set out for ourselves. Here is to Katie being a role model for us all to look up to and most importantly for our kids to look up to aswell. She deserves to enjoy her moment. Well done Coach! Well done! We are all so very proud of you! Fitness-Strength-Community


200 M. Run (Easy)
200 M. Run (Mod.)
200 M. Run (Mod.)
200 M. Run (Sprint)

3×10 Hollow Rocks
Pair With:
3×10 Hollow Taps

3×3 @ 80%

Teams of 2:
2000 M. Row
150 Shoulder to Overhead (75/55) (65/45) (35/25) (25/15)
75 C2B Pull Ups

*If doing without a partner cut everything in half.

Coach’s Stretch

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