Customized Programming-Competitive Environment-Qualified Coaches

Precision CrossFit is one of the top gyms in the nation when it comes to preparing athletes’ for competition in the sports of CrossFit and Weightlifting. Whether you are looking to compete in local throwdowns or big competitions such as the CrossFit Games or USAW Nationals, Precision CrossFit is the right gym for you. By becoming a part of the Precision CrossFit community you can take advantage of additional sports specific individualized programming all designed to prepare you to become better in the sports of CrossFit and Weightlifting. We will guide you through every step of your journey making sure you are completely prepared and ready to compete when the time comes. In addition, Precision CrossFit programs and coordinates the Shakedown, Battle of the Boxes, and WOD Gear Team Series, three of the biggest team competitions in the nation, along with other smaller events. The Programmer Mike Tromello is highly sought after in the competitive CrossFit world and has even helped program events for CrossFit HQ. In joining Precision CrossFit, you will not only gain access to Mike but his programming as well on the daily.

Competitions We have Participated In

  • The Reebok CrossFit Games
  • The CrossFit Games California Regional
  • The Shakedown Team Series
  • The Wod Gear Team Series
  • The O.C. Throwdown
  • The Beachside Beatdown
  • The Weekend Warrior Rumble
  • The Legendary Competitor Series
  • The C.F Ventura Battle Of The Boxes
  • The California Affiliate League
  • The Kinnick Battle of the Boxes
  • The Summer Clash
  • USAW American Open
  • USAW Nationals
  • The World Police and Fire Games
  • Wadapalooza
  • The Ventura Battle of the Boxes
  • The St. Valentines Day Massacre

Precision Crossfit Teams In Action.