We now enter the final cycle of our programming for the year. With the 2018 CrossFit Games Worldwide Open starting this Thursday, we will be putting our year’s worth of training to the test. It will be a time to show everyone all the hard work, sweat, and dedication you put into your fitness, whether it is to compete or not. For those of you not doing the Open, we will reach another testing cycle. We will test…once again, to gauge our improvement as well. To see where the year of training has taken you. I say this every year… I believe that this is the fittest Precision CrossFit has ever been. It is my job to take you all to your peak performance states. Every year, I analyze the previous training cycles and adjust as you all grow as athletes and I grow as a coach. I adapt, modify, and learn from each year’s programming and results in order to create a better version of my programming. Even though you are all fitter than last year I am already excited for 2019 as I continue to expand our fit program and use our new equipment to the fullest. Like I said… I am always looking for ways to improve you all year after year.

Precision, your performances in the gym day in and day out as well as your performances in recent competitions have lead me to believe that this year might be our best yet! I have seen steadily increasing lifting numbers, a much higher threshold in your gymnastic abilities, and a mentality where you all truly believe in your abilities. This tells me that you are all prime for some amazing performances. I am not just talking about our elite athletes. I am talking about the Wall of Blue. I know for a fact that our every day member is fitter than the majority of other gyms. I have seen it with my own eyes and I know that some of you in your travels have already proven that to yourselves. The things you all can do are pretty incredible. I worked tirelessly this year to develop a 52 week plan that would increase performance. I wrote and re-wrote my programs dozens of times, researched new ideas as they have come up, gotten together with the amazing coaching staff at Precision, I have added the Win and Fit programs, and have searched long and hard for means to preclude injuries from occurring. As a coach, all I can do now is hope I did my job and leave the rest up to you.

This will be the toughest year to date in regards to the Open. Now that we will be competing with the entire West Coast spots will be tighter. Many gyms want a place at the table more than anything this year, and there will be plenty of resistance towards our quest for a 7th straight regional trip. But why not us again? If you all keep your heads, rely on your training, and remember to have fun, this year is going to be a breeze like in years past. Remember, the Open does not define you. It is just a test that you chose to sign up for. Do not let it own you. Do not obsess over it. When you do each workout, be in the moment. Then, when it is over, let it go. Do not take it home with you. It is just a game. Treat it that way. No workout defines the kind of person you are. I ask that this year we stick together more than ever. Remember that we compete as a collective team against all of the West, not against each other. No matter your performance, good or bad… cheer! Cheer for your teammates. Offer them your support. When we go to the 2018 West Regional, we will be one team… TEAM PRECISION. This TEAM represents all of the Wall of Blue. You all contribute to it in your own individual ways, whether you sign up for the Open or not. The team that will represent TEAM PRECISION this year will be a representation of you all. Love that, and take ownership of the fact that they are there to make you proud. This year’s Open can be a very special time for Precision. Do not let it consume you. Compete for each other. Accomplish small victories and live in every moment!

Fitness – Strength – Community

400 M. Run or Row
10 Y’s, T’s, & W’s
10 Reverse Fly’s
2 Rounds
10 Pass Throughs
10 Good Mornings
10 Front Squat
10 Clean Pulls
5 Push Jerk + 5 Split Jerk

3 Rounds
3 Pull Ups + 3 C2B Pull Ups + 3 Bar MU
10 Weighted Push Ups
Max Effort L Sit
Full Clean & Jerk
*Build to a heavy single.
3 Rounds
Hang Squat Clean (115/75) (95/65)
Pull Ups
*Rest 2 Min. Between Rounds
**Treat each round like a sprint.

3 Rounds
4 Strict Pull Ups
6 Ring Rows
8 BB Strict Press
*Build to a heavy set.
10 KB Sumo DL High Pulls (53/35) (44/26)
15 Air Squats
10 H.R. Push Ups
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