In recapping the 2016 Dynamic Duel one word really comes to mind… consistency. Those of you that competed two things were very obvious. First, you are well coached. This goes beyond the every day programming but the attention to detail each coach puts into teaching their respective class. Your movements looked technically sound and efficient. You all moved through each workout smoothly executing the game plans you had set forth for yourselves. This means that you have been listening through all the chalk talk discussions that take place before each workout. Because you have done this, whether you know it or not, you are better at figuring out the best approach to take on a workout for you. This also comes down to coaching. It is obvious that each coach is able to get across what every workout is intended to do from a fitness perspective. Because of this you are able to take this perspective and mold it to fit your own needs. This was especially obvious with Jenny and Claudia for example choosing to do all their synchronized T2B’s in singles. They were not the best in their class at this movement but they were the smartest and most efficient which earned them a 1st place finish in the workout. There were examples like this all day actually. I felt it was a continual reminder of the coaching we have at Precision. My jaw dropped on several occasions with how good you all looked. Second, we are truly a communinity. As I say all the time. The word “community” is a CrossFit buzz word that gets thrown around all too often. However, I truly do not think people know what a true “community” really is. From the athletes that competed to those that volunteered to help. All of Precision put on the Dynamic Duel. The amount of you that just showed up to cheer was awesome in itself. We are all truly there for each other. I witnessed several other gyms at the event who decided to turn it into a party. They drank like fishes and ate poorly. They used the competition as a means to have fun for themselves not for each other. What I witnessed from Precision was that same amount of fun. However, at a fitness competition you all saw no need to take poor care of yourselves. This is because you all choose to have fun with each other. You compete with spirit, grit, and intelligence. Those that spectate keep a clear mind and understand that they are not only representing themselves but their family, their colors, and their gym… Precision CrossFit. You are the Wall of Blue. Because of this bond you choose to represent with class. I thank you for this. It all comes back to that old statement; “work hard, play hard.” In the arena we work. When it is over we play and enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

From a personal perspective this was one the busiest I have ever been running an event. However, it was worth it to do something special for you all. Huge shout out’s to our teams: Danielle & Jordan 1st place RX Women, Mattias & Smiley 1st Place Masters Men, Sean & Marx 2nd Place Masters Men, Claudia & Jenny 2nd Place Masters Women, Daniel & Mitch 4th place RX Men, Alyson & Carrie 6th place RX Women, Vid & Steve 5th place Intermediate Men, Sean & Mario 6th place Intermediate Men. We had every team finish in the top 10 with 6 of them finishing in the top 5 that included 4 podium finishes. I am very proud of you all. Remember to stay humble but a heck of good job everyone. Until the next one!

Fitness – Strength – Community


3 Rounds

10 Inch Worms

10 Scorpions

10 Good Mornings


Mobilize Hips




Row for Max Meters

Score is total meters completed. (Compare to 5/12/16)

**Record and keep for future comparisons.

***Male goal more than 11,000 M. Ladies goal more than 10,000 M.


Mobilize hips and body thoroughly. Take this time to aid in your body’s recovery.

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