If you look at this WOD and are like, F THAT, then you need to do this workout. Challenge yourself to new heights and do not be afraid to fail. Put it all out there and make it your goal to finish. We have to be prepared for whatever obstacles life throws our way, anything! It is so easy to make today your rest day because you do not want to run. Do not cherry pick and choose what workouts you want to do because they are a strength of yours. You will never truly reach your full potential that way. Whatever comes out of the hopper embrace. Today a 5k is being thrown at you. Get better and embrace the suck. When you are finished you will feel rewarded and accomplished. Get some!!



500 M. Row (Easy)


2 Rounds

10 Lateral Shuffles

10 Butt Kickers

10 Inch Worms

10 Scorpions

10 Lunges


For Time:


*Bust your IPOD out with your favorite tunes settle in and crush this workout. If running in the morning gloves and a beany recommended. Dress comfortably and wear good running shoes.


  • Start on Via Colinas
  • Turn Right on Via Rocas (You will run past Oaks Christian School)
  • Turn Left on Lake View Canyon Rd. take all the way to Agoura Rd. and head back.
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