Friday was a fun day at Precision CrossFit with the workout of the day being that of the illustrious “FRAN.” This workout is a CrossFit staple and one of the originals. No matter who the athlete is it still puts the fear of god in any CrossFitter. It not only tests the lungs and capacity but one’s heart and soul as well. This workout is so much more than just your everyday wod. It is also a great way to test one’s current progress. Having programmed it four months back it was incredible to see how many people PR’d. Many did it RX’d for the first time who were unable to do so before. Some did it for the very first time ever and many hit it to see where they were currently with their training. Their were several amazing moments Friday with many finding out special things about themselves. One, how their training is going. Two, that they do have the heart to tackle such a grueling workout. Three, that they got a support group of over 70 members deep always ready and willing to cheer them on! This was extremely evident with the many who stayed after to cheer on the classes after theirs. One very cool moment was when the remaining 5:30 class members counted out the final reps for Kirsten as she finished off her final nine pull-ups. A very special moment in deed. We had 13 PR’s friday with some people shedding off 2-3 minutes!! It was an incredible display of grit and determination. All classes really got after from the early morning well into the afternoon. By the end of the day, their was chalk, skin, blood, sweat, and definitely a few tears on the ground throughout the gym. I could not be more proud of a couple notable athlete’s. Jill Breitzman hit a 5:30 minute time with 35lbs. For those of you who do not know Jill, she could barely squat a few months back let alone do Fran! Deborah Haley PR’d be several minutes hitting a 6:50 RX’d time. She is a Masters athlete folks. Hunter Knowles PR’d by almost 3 minutes hitting a 5:13 RX’d time! Kaitlynne only CrossFitting for two months hit an 11:36 time, while Tim a brand new member went RX’d hitting an 8:42. In the afternoon we saw Pat Bader and Greg Shimpff PR by several minutes hitting a 4:44 and 9:31 both around 3 minute PR’s. This was accompanied by Brad hitting a 6:41 doing it RX’d for the first time upon only doing it with 65lbs four months ago and Crystal hitting a 6:04. For the Coach’s their was an epic battle with some definite smack talking going on with Daniel, Smiley, Mike, and Katie all PRing! Daniel by more than 10 Seconds with a 2:23. Smiley by more than 40 Seconds with a 2:42. Coach Mike by 22 Seconds with a 2:38 and Coach Katie by more than 2 minutes!!!! Hitting a 3:24. The gym was electrifying and the energy insane. more than 50 people took on the challenge of Fran Friday and gave that bitch of a wod a run for her money. We are so proud of everyone’s accomplishments and ready to continue to make you all better! Fitness-Strength-Community

Friday noon class getting set to get after it!

Cameron hitting her thrusters!

Hunter working on his “FRAN” PR!!

Kaitlynne pushing through it while Hunter suffers through his “FRAN” aftermath!

350 M. Row (Easy)
350 M. Row (Mod.)
350 M. Row (Mod.)
350 M. Row (Sprint)

3×2 Weighted Ring Dips

*Go as heavy as possible

5 Min. of Technique Work
-Kipping Ring Dip

Box Jumps (30/24) (24/20) (20/12)
Ring Dips

5 Min. Rest

10 Min. of Work:
3 Power Cleans on the Minute
(Rest the remainder of the minute)
*Adv.= Sqt. Cleans
**Progressively add weight accordingly based on comfort level

Men: Work from (135-175), (115-155), (95-135) (75-115)
Women: Work from (95-125), (75-105), (65-95), (55-75)

Coach’s Stretch

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