It is with great regret yet much excitement that I announce my resignation from Harvard-Westlake School effective at the end of the month. I spent 8 incredible years as the strength & conditioning coach for this amazing school. Within those 8 years I was a part of 9 different league, CIF, and National Championship teams. I published a book on adolescent strength & conditioning, spoke at the NSCA National Conference, and created one of the best middle school strength & conditioning programs in the nation. However, what I’m most proud of are the relationship I forged with the HW coaches, staff, and athletes. Some of these relationships will last a lifetime and I’m forever thankful for this. Although my decision is bitter-sweet it was time to make a choice. With the success of Precision, my website Tromello Programming, and new company Plaid Cow Society something had to give. Time is my most precious commodity. I did not feel it was fare to HW, my family, or my other endeavors to split myself among them anymore and knew for my own happiness I needed to drop something. I grew up in a household where both my parents had their own businesses. My parents were always around; taking my brother and I to practices, going to all our school functions, and never missing a game even when we played overseas. So naturally I wanted to be able to do the same thing as a parent and with my kids getting older the time began to creep near.

I am so very excited to jump full time into the running of my businesses and make myself more available to all my athletes, and most importantly… to my family. I will now have time to program for more people including gyms that are interested and take on private clients again. This is something I missed doing but did not have the time to do. In addition, I can’t wait to head into Precision more in the mornings to work with a morning crew that I rarely get to see. There are so many things that I have planned for the gym and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

If your interested in programming or setting up private sessions with me please don’t hesitate to contact me at or call me at (805) 660 – 4101.

Fitness – Strength – Community


500 M. Row

3 Rounds 

10 Pass Throughs 

10 Good Morning’s 

10 OHS 

5 Inch Worms 

10 Scorpions 


Shoulder Mobility 


ADV: 3 x 10 Strict T2B

INT: 3 x 10 Kipping K2E

BEG: 3 x 10 Hollow Taps

Pair With:

ADV: 3 x 15 Ring Dips

INT: 3 x 10 Ring Dips

BEG: 3 x 5 Ring Dip Negatives (As slow as possible)


Dead Lifts 

3 @ 70%

3 @ 75%

3 @ 80%

2 × 3 @ 85%




Min. 1: Max Effort Dead Lift (225/155) (205/135) (185/125) (165/115)

Min. 2: Max Effort T2B

Min. 3: Max Effort Cal. Row 

Min. 4: Rest 

*Sub. K2E or V-Ups for T2B accordingly.


Roll & Stretch

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