On June 24, 2012 I found out my Grandmother had cancer. My “Grammie” as we always called her is the only Grandmother my brother and I have had. When she was first diagnosed I did not know how she was going to react. My Grandfather had passed away 9 years before. He was her soul mate whom she loved deeply and I knew she missed him dearly. So when the news broke I was not sure if she was going to fight or wait for the end to be with her love. That was until I spoke with her on the phone and she said; “I am going to fight this sweet heart. I’m not ready to go anywhere yet.” Fight she did and for a year and half she suffered through four different battles, surgeries and chemo-therapy. She gave it everything she had until the end, January 13, 2014. This date will always be with me but I find solace in the fact that it is the day where she found peace again and was re-united with my Grandfather.

Am I sad my “Grammie” is gone, yes? But I am ok with it. She gave it everything she had and even made it out to California to meet her great grandchildren this past summer. It was one of the best visits I ever had with her, a very different visit then years past. I was really not the focus as she fell in love with her great grandchildren and that “Smiley Riley” as she notably nicknamed her. She got to stay in my home and be with the family that I had built. She was so proud and would constantly remind me. For me it never got old. I loved her to death and enjoyed making her happy. Now she is gone but I got to see her hold my children and love them as she loved me. I have memories, beautiful memories of her. Like the time I traveled up the Florida coast with her, my Grandfather, mother and brother. We were going on a recruiting trip to the University of Florida and we took a long road trip. It was one of the best times of my life. I never had so much fun with my grandparents. They were so happy and proud. They even helped me lock my brother up in a dark bathroom just to mess with him, and then they hid me and thought it was hysterical. I used to talk to her once a week on my way to work and had conversations all of which I will never forget. She was an amazing woman who in the end taught me one last thing, what true strength and bravery really is.

She put her dukes up and fought cancer to the end. She stayed positive and showed strength through the toughest of adversities. We admire people who can lift tons of weight above their head and endure a brutal workout. We make hero’s out the phenomenal athlete’s we see on television and wish that we can be like them. I always thought this was strength. That being brave was how one took on competition. But over the past year and a half I have learned to alter this notion. True strength is being mentally strong enough to fight for your life and when it is over to be brave enough to take on the unknown. My “Grammie” fought and although her body lost in the end she went down swinging. She never quit until she was told there was nothing left that could be done. Then she pushed forward valiantly into what she called “a new adventure.” She always taught me something even when she was trying not to. Although, she is gone I know she will always be with me, teaching me whether she is on this earth or not.

Precision, on behalf of my family I thank you all for the well wishes. The messages, texts and emails have been amazing during such a tough time. We love you all and will be back in the gym soon. Thank you!




5 × 150 M. Row

*Rest :30 sec.


Mobilize & Stretch



3 x 5 @ 85% 1 RM Clean

Pair With:

3 x 10 Assisted Glute-Hams




7 Wall Ball (20/16) (16/14) (14/10) (10/6)

7 Burpee

*Must do all within the minute.  If you can’t, shorten the rep’s.

**Score equals total minutes completed.


Hip Mobility

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