Hey guys we have a fantastic community but in order for it to grow efficiently we have to have some ground rules. I have posted these a few times and thought it was time for a re-post. Please follow these! Many of the rules are constantly broken. I know some of you have never seen these. Love you all!!


PRECISION GYM RULES (The ones is blue are extra important) 🙂

1) We love people hanging out after class but please do not hang out BEHIND the front desk area. This area is for gym business. Only staff are allowed back there. 

2) All classes take PRECEDENCE over those doing extra programming. If we have a packed house you have to keep this is mind and stop for a bit, move to the barbell area, or better yet… join the class! 

3) Keep CHALK in the buckets at all times. This rule is constantly broken and chalk ends up being smashed into the mats. We now have 6 chalk buckets so you have no excuse!!

4) CLEAN up after yourself. This includes racking your weight and wiping down the area / equipment you used. Especially after HSPU’s!

5) Keep the BATHROOMS clean. Throw paper away I constantly find pieces all over the floor which gets tracked into the gym. Please take the extra time to pick up after yourself.

6) Please do not put 10’s by themselves on 45 lb. bars and drop them. In addition, please put Hi-Temp plates with H-Temp plates. When you put competition plates with Hi-Temps it breaks them as they have different diameters.

7) Please load the bars correctly. No… only using 10’s is not correctly. Introduce yourself to all new members, drop ins, and people you do not know yet. We are a family invite them in and show them why we rock!

8) Please do not use the weightlifting competition bars to squat with! We want them kept off the racks. It helps them last longer. They are for the weightlifts only; Snatch and Clean & jerk.

9) When you’re done with your workout CHEER on others. I hate awkwardness and like when people cheer for each other. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

10) NEVER walk in front of a lifter, especially right before they are about to lift. It takes away their focus.

11) The SINK is not a shower. Don’t use it to bathe. 

12) Bring a TOWEL to the gym to wipe yourself down with. The towels in the bathroom were not made to wipe down one’s body. This also goes for our new shower!

13) Don’t GHOST RIDE! If you drop your barbell and it bounces 2ft in either direction you are ghost riding. Control your weight. This also helps the equipment last longer.

14) DO NOT email, call, text, or message Coach Mike after 9pm unless it’s an emergency. That means the gym exploded or something. If you do than Mrs. Tromello will get angry. You won’t like her when she’s angry.

15) Check your ego at the door. Listen to coaching and RESPECT THE PROCESS!

16) Do not put tape or any other sticky surface on the pull-up bars! Yeah, you know who you are.

Thanks for following these rules so we can all have a more bad ass experience at PC!

Fitness – Strength – Community

400 M. Run or Row
10 Y’s, T’s, & W’s
10 Reverse Fly’s
2 Rounds
10 Pass Throughs
10 Good Mornings
10 OHS
10 Clean Extension w/ Scap engagement
5 Push Jerk + 5 Split Jerk

ODD: 5 Ring Swings (Work on length)
EVEN: Clean Ext (3 Sec. Hold) + Full Clean + Jerk
3 T2R + 2 Ring MU 
1 Clean + Front Squat + Jerk (225/155) or 75% of 1RM

ODD: 5 Bar Dips w/ a 3 Sec. Negative
EVEN: 5 Deadlift
10 T2B
10 DB Deadlift + 10 DB Cleans (50/35 × 2)
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