We would like to wish a very happy birthday to one of our oldest and newest members! I have known Carrie Rogers since my early CrossFit days as she was a member at my old location with me, before eventually switching over to Precision some 3 years ago. Brooke has a very similar story coming to us almost a year ago now. It awesome how we have all been brought together in one way or another by Precision. Although I do not see these two much, when I do, it is always pleasant. I know they both love Precision as much as I do because they always let me know. It is my goal to repeat this encounter with them. Let’s me know we are doing something right. They both have very different fitness journeys, which is what makes this post so cool. Carrie is in it purely for fitness while Brooke likes to run marathons. This just proves that regardless of what drives you, Precision is the place to be. I wish you both the happiest of birthdays. Enjoy!

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500 M. Row

10 High Knee’s

1o Toe Touches

10 Inch Worms

10 Lunges

10 Side Lunges (Each Side)


Hip Mobility



ODD: 5 Ring Dips

EVEN: 2 Wall Facing Handstand Negatives (5 Sec.)


Front Squat

7 x 1

*Work to a heavy single.



15 Minute Cap

Part A:

1 Mile Run

Part B:

In remaining time max reps of:

Wall ball (20/14) (16/10) (14/6)

*Score equals time for Part A and Reps for Part B.


Roll & Stretch

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