It is my esteemed pleasure to wish our very own Daimino Stewart a very happy birthday. D is an essential piece in the Precision CrossFit puzzle. Much of what we do and who we are is because of Daimino’s prescence. He is an exceptional coach, programmer, and human being. I am honored to be his coach, but even more honored to call him my friend. He is natural leader who always leads by example. His work ethic is ferocious, with the word “quit” not being part of his vocabulary. I know Daimino has affected much of the “Wall of Blue” with his “lead by example” attitude. I mean, how could it not? It is utterly contagious, pushing anyone to work that much harder.

Daimino, thank you for being such an amazing example. Whether it be your coaching, nutrition counseling, work ethic, or friendship, you make people’s lives better. Never forget this, my friend. Enjoy!


50 Double Unders

20 Air Squats

20 Push Ups


3 Rounds (Not For Time)

10 Pass Through’s

10 Y’S

10 T’S

10 W’S

10 Reverse Fly’s

10 Face Pulls


Hip Mobility


Warm Up Thruster & Hang Snatch

WOD: (Programmed by D)


With a Running Clock:

MIN. 0:00-10:00 (10 Min. Cap)



Thrusters (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)

C2B Pull Ups

*Do regular Fran if your current time is not under 4:00.

**Do not try and PR. Just move smoothly and efficiently through the workout.


MIN. 10:00-16:00 (6 Min. Cap)

Work to a 1RM Hang Snatch


MIN. 16:00-24:00 (8 Min. Cap)

For Time:

1K Row

50 Bar Facing Burpees

*Score = Your times + Hang Snatch Weight.


Mobilize & Roll

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