Stephanie is a very special individual who came to us in the first couple months upon our opening. You can always catch her working in the noon and evening classes throughout the week. Her vibrant personality is an amazing part of the Precision community. She always has a smile on her face and something encouraging to say. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. I have really enjoyed my conversations with her over the time she has spent with us. She is truly is a favorite person of mine. Happy Birthday Dori. Enjoy!


A very happy birthday to Mark Robinson. Mark has been with Precision since our opening in 2012. He is a staple in the 6am & 5:30pm class and on Saturday mornings. If you have ever had the privilege to workout with Mark you will realize that he always gives it his all. He silently works hard and is just a genuine person. Even throwing down in a competition here and there! Mark truly is one of those people that make Precision great. His awesome qoute from today when asked how is feeling on his birthday… “I still don’t need Viagra so I am good!” Love ya Mark. Happy birthday!!

Fitness – Strength – Community

We will begin our group warm up promptly at 9:00 am! Make sure you eat a good breakfast; don’t skip eating. Bring water and a possible snack if you tend to get hungry. If you have a pace watch, wear it. The class will end around 10-10:30 am.


AMRAP 40 (Teams of 2)

600 M. Run

21 Thrusters

21 T2B

21 Plank Burpees

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