A very happy birthday to Dylan Baker! Dylan started his CrossFit journey with us over 3 years ago and has become quite the competitor. In a gym full of strong athletes, Dylan is a beast 0n the rower and with the barbell. He works extremely hard towards his goals and is very disciplined! We have watched Dylan’s body transform, quite dramatically, into the bad ass that he is today. He has all the movements down and continues to get stronger and stronger at them as the weeks go by. Watching Dylan throw down is so much more fun to watch because we know he started from square one with us. Dylan is always down to do whatever he can for the community and we love him for it. His personality is contagious, making him one of those guys that you want to be around. Just do not play him in fantasy football, hahahaha!! You are the man, buddy. Have an awesome birthday!! 

A very happy birthday to Jeff Goldberg! Jeff has been with us for several years now and is one of the best people you will ever meet! He is a phenomenal person, an extremely hard worker, and one of those people that will give all of himself in freindship. If you need Jeff he’ll be there. Lately, he’s really taken his health seriously. He’s been steadily losing weight and has been PR’ing all his lifts! Have a very happy birthday Jeff. Enjoy!



400 M. Run or Row 

3 Rounds 

10 Pass Through’s 

10 Good Morning’s 

10 Front Squats 

5 Inch Worms 


Hip Mobility 



ODD: 25 Unbroken KBS (70/53) (53/44) (44/35) (35/26)

EVEN: 8E O.H. Backwards Lunge (Your Choice)


Back Squat 

3 x 3

2 x 2

3 × 1

*Work to a heavy single.



For Time: (15 Min. Cap)

2K Row

*EMOM Death by Thrusters.

**1=1, 2=2, 3=3, 4=4, 5=5, Etc.


Roll & Stretch

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