A very happy birthday to Dylan Baker! Dylan started his CrossFit journey with us over 2 years ago and has become quite the competitor. In a gym full of strong athletes, Dylan is a beast 0n the rower and with the barbell. He works extremely hard towards his goals and is very disciplined! We have watched Dylan’s body transform, quite dramatically, into the bad ass that he is today. He has all the movements down and continues to get stronger and stronger at them as the weeks go by. Watching Dylan throw down is so much more fun to watch because we know he started from square one with us. Dylan is always down to do whatever he can for the community and we love him for it. His personality is contagious, making him one of those guys that you want to be around. Just do not take him to a steak house or play him in fantasy football, hahahaha!! You are the man, buddy. Have an awesome birthday!!



There are not a lot of people in this world that will go out of their way whenever they can to help others. Rob Miller is one of these people. He is a genuine, honest person that makes up everything Precision CrossFit strives to be. Down to his core, Rob is just a great human being. He is always there to help, regardless of what the occasion is, and he genuinely wants to do so. Everyone who crosses his path is always uplifted by his positivity and his story. Rob is a three time cancer survivor, but don’t call him that. He’ll just tell you that cancer survived him! His encouraging attitude rubs off on everyone he comes in contact with. As soon as Rob walks into the gym, the energy always picks up, which is part of the reason why I think we all love him so much. Rob is one of the strongest men you will ever meet and it has nothing to do with his physical nature. Just sit down and have a conversation with him sometime. You will be utterly amazed. I know I always am. He always talks about how he needs Precision in his life because it makes him a better person and how all the people that make up our community are so amazing. Well, I got news for you, Rob. Precision would not be what it is without you. Have a wonderful birthday, my friend.


Final tests of quarter 1. Cycle 2 starts Monday!


3 Rounds

30 Double Unders

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups


Shoulder Mobility


Strict Press (Test)

10 Min. To Find a New 1RM



ADV: 30 Muscle Ups For Time

INT: 45 C2B Pull Ups For Time

BEG: 30 Strict Pull Ups For Time

*10 MIN. CAP



For Time:

150 Wall Balls  (20/14) (16/10) (10/6)

*10 Min. Cap


Hip & Shoulder Mobility

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