A very happy birthday goes out to my beautiful wife, Emalee. In my speech at the “Star Physique Awards” last year, above all else, I wanted to let everyone know that the reason I was on that stage was largely because of her. I cannot say enough about her. The gym, and all the athletes I coach owe this woman a debt of gratitude. If not for her patience, understanding, and tolerance. I would not be able to put in the kind of effort that is needed to be successful in my profession. She allows me to travel to competitions, stay late at the gym to work with clients and break down lifts. She tolerates my early morning wakes and long travel weekends. Sometimes, I can now be gone up to a week at a time. She watches the kids while I run the kind of events in which Precision is known for. It is tough for a wife to share her husband the way Em does. Seriously guy’s you have no idea the sacrifices Emalee makes for you all with me. You have all benefited from them. What I do often takes a very emotional toll on me. However, her support is overwhelming and her love for me… unconditional. She listens to me every night and sometimes  utterly exhausted will lend me her ear and opinions. No decision I make is not done with out her hearing about it first. I am thankful everyday I have her by my side.

As a Mother she leaves me speechless. Watching her with our children puts a constant smile on my face. She is strong inside and out. A powerful picture of what an independent woman should be. Our children are so lucky to have this type of role model be their Mommy. Words cannot truly express my love for her. Happy Birthday EMOT!


400 M. Row or Run 
10 Swimmers
10 Wall Slides
10 Wall Facing OHS
2 Rounds 
10 Lunge w/ Pass Through 
10 Good Morning’s 
10 OHS
10 Snatch Ext. 
10 Snatch Pulls

3 Squat Snatch
*Work to a heavy unbroken triple
500 M. Row
12 Power Snatches (95/65) (75/55)
20 C2B Pull Ups
12 Power Cleans

Not for Time:
 Front Squats @ 60% of 1RM
Squat Jumps 
500 M. Row
15 Wall Ball (20/14) (16/10)
15 Pull Ups
15 Med-Ball Cleans
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