A very happy birthday goes out to long time member Jennifer Knapp. It has been a pleasure watching Jen grow with us. She always has a smile on her face when she walks in the door. One thing you can never question about Jen is her work ethic. She will always give it her all. You won’t find Jen competing in any competition or trying to have the top score on the leaderboard. But what you will get from her is a devotion to be better each day she trains. This is all you can ever ask for as a coach. She has improved tremendously from where she started and I can always tell she’s having fun! Have a very happy birthday Jen. We love you!



100 Single Unders 

10 Bumper Jacks 2″

10 Bumper Jacks 4″


3 Rounds 

10 Pass Throughs 

10 Good Mornings 

10 Front Squats 

10 Push Press 

5 Push Jerk + 5 Split Jerk


Shoulder Mobility 



ODD: 12 Weighted Sit Ups

*With a plate. Push it up above your head each rep.

EVEN: ADV & INT= 7 HSPU / BEG= 7 Box Piked HSPU


Work to a new 1RM Strict Press


Find your 20 Rep S2O 

*One attempt. Use a weight you know you can hit. That last 5 should be difficult.



For Time: (10 Min. Cap)

50 G2O (75/55) (65/45) (55/35) (35/25)

50 Box Jumps (24/20) (20/12)

50 S2O 

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