A very happy birthday goes out to my right hand man and everybody’s favorite coach, Jose Cobian! Without Jose,  Precision would not be the place you all know and love. Due to his kindness, ability to communicate, eye for movement, and most importantly…his patience, Jose has become special to everyone. It does not matter who you are or your ability level, Jose will find a way to get the best out of you. I take Jose to every major CrossFit event that I coach. He easily commands the attention of top level athletes when he speaks; his is an opinion worth listening to, and they all know it. I know the kind of coach and programmer he has become in his own right. I trust him not only with the day to day of Precision, but also with the programming of any one of our athletes. In fact he’s been programming for me for almost a year and I can’t tell you how much better I’ve become. I guess I taught him a thing or two, hahaha! Jose is an extremely valuable asset to Precision. I could not wish him a happier birthday. Enjoy, buddy, and thank you!



400 M. Run, Row or Bike

2 Rounds

10 Pass Throughs

10 Good Mornings

10 Clean Extensions

10 Clean Pulls

10 Front Squats


Hip Mobility



MIN. 1: ADV = 1 Strict Pull Up + 3 C2B Pull Ups + 2 Bar Muscle Ups  / INT = 5 Strict Pull Up + 10 Pull Ups / BEG = 7 Supine BB Row’s

MIN. 2: Max Effort L Sit

MIN. 3: ADV = 50 Ft. Handstand Walk / INT = 1 Box Piked Around the World / BEG = 2 Wall Walks


Front Squat (From the Floor)


4 @ 60%


3 @ 65%


2 @ 70%

*Work on speed of rep.

**You may squat clean the first rep.



​3 Rounds (10 Min. Cap)

15 Squat Cleans  (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)

5 Bar Muscle Ups 

30 Double Unders 

*Sub. Jumping Bar MU or 10 Ring Push Ups for Bar MU accordingly.

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