When Precision CrossFit opened its doors almost 5 years ago Kat along with her husband Matt were there day 1. They have both been with me longer than I have owned Precision and I can say that they are more than just members… but close friends. Sure like any friendship Kat and I have had our differences over the years. However, we have both grown up quite a bit. I smile every time I see Kat in the gym. Not because she makes me laugh, although that does happen quite frequently, but because I know our history. I am so proud of the person I have watched her become. Like me, Kat used to often put her foot in her mouth. She has no filter and could easily offend someone. I can totally relate to this, hahaha. However, now I see this highly intelligent women who knows what and how to say things. Yet, she is not afraid to speak her mind when the time is right. I do very much admire this… because I know this is me as well. Regardless of circumstance Kat has been loyal follower of the Wall of Blue. Her spirit is endless and she is one of those people that make Precision great. Some of you may not know her yet. If you see her though… do so. You will be glad that you did. Happy birthday Kat.

Fitness -Strength – Community


400 M. Jog

10 High Knee’s

10 Walking Flamingo’s

1o Toe Touches

10 Inch Worms

10 Lunges

10 Side Lunges (Each Side)




For Time:
5K Run


3 x 30 Hollow Rocks

*Rest 1 Min.


Roll & Mobilize

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