In all the years Lauren Seckar has been with us I have never gotten the opportunity to write her a birthday post! I think she avoids me finding out about her birthday like she avoids stepping on a platform for me, hahaha. Maybe if I am lucky she will be convinced to give weightlifting a try just like I got to this birthday post! Although, she may become embarrassed I am super proud to write this. Lauren is such a beautiful, sweat, and extremely hard working woman. Everyday she balances her training with a full time job and attacks each session with all she can muster for the day. In her own, right Lauren is extremely talented and I do truly believe her niche is weightlifting. Although, she is a fantastic CrossFitter… Lauren can lift. She is explosive, has great barbell awareness, and exceptional footwork. I love to watch her get after it and have been very clear about my intentions of wanting her to compete. Although, I may never get my way that is ok. I will still marvel in knowing that she is Precision girl through and through. Her actions speak louder than words and she will never have to prove her abilities by stepping on a platform if she doesn’t want to. I think she know’s she is good enough and sometimes you do not have to prove it to anyone. This is something I greatly respect. Have a wonderful birthday Lauren. Enjoy!

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50 Single Unders 

10 Bumper Jacks 2″

10 Bumper Jacks 4″

10 Swimmers

10 Wall Slides 

10 Wall Facing OHS 

2 Rounds 

10 Pass Throughs 

10 Good Mornings 

10 Front Squats 

10 Clean Extensions 

10 Clean Pulls





Strict Pull Up

Strict Ring Dip


Power Clean + Full Clean

1 + 2 @ 65%

1 + 2 @ 75%

1 + 2 @ 75%

1 + 2 @ 80%

1 + 1 @ 85%


“16.2 C”


25 T2B

5 Hang Cleans (185/135) (165/115) (155/105) (135/95)

35 Double Unders

*Stop at 4 rounds.

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