Seven years ago my wife and I were finishing up a wod and in walked this enthusiastic couple eager to learn about CrossFit. They had witnessed people running around their neighborhood and wanted to check out what it was all about. Quickly becoming addicted, like the rest of us, they became staples in the gym and at every event.

We watched their bodies change as they pushed everyone through every wod they did. Many would come just to wod with them. If one was not around that day, it seemed as if there was a giant void. They graced us with their vibrant personalities and always would stay after to cheer everyone on. They strived to improve daily; although sometimes getting frustrated at movements that did not come naturally to them, they always persevered. They would take advantage of any extra skill work they could do and even took up additional Oly lifting work with me. They literally were the “heart and soul” of our little community. Then for one reason or another, our community began to dwindle and we were all left with this constant void. We began to see less and less of them, sometimes not seeing them at all for a week at a time. Eventually, only one began to come in as the other decided to take some time off. We were grateful to just have one but longed to have the other as well. Something was truly missing.

Then upon the opening of Precision, Lynn and Lisa decided to come back putting that “heart and soul” back into our little community. Just like before, they have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. They take advantage of every opportunity to get better, cheer others on, push everyone to keep up with them, and can be your biggest cheering section. Today, it is Lisa’s birthday and we could not be more thrilled to celebrate it with her. We love her and everything she represents. Enjoy the day, Lisa! Happy birthday!!

Fitness – Strength – Community




200 M. Run

10 Walking High Knee Holds

10 Walking Flamingo’s

10 Inch Worms

10 Worlds Greatest




Warm Up Thruster

WOD: (Teams of 4)

For Time:

Hill Run (As A Team)

4 Rounds

60 Thrusters (115/75) (95/65) (75/55) (65/45)

*Bar not being used must be held in rack position.

60 T2B

*One person must  hanging from the bar for reps to count.


Hill Run (As A Team)

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