A very happy birthday to Mario Flores. Mario, and his awesome wife Laura have been with Precision for almost 2 years now and have become staples in the afternoon classes. If you have ever had the privilege to workout with Mario you will realize that he always gives it his all. He silently works hard and is just a genuine person. Mario truly is one of the people that make Precision great. In addition, Mario is a teacher and from what I hear… a pretty darn good one. Makes sense when you care about others well beings as much Mario does. Mario will take the competition floor at the Ventura: Battle of the Boxes for first time this coming January. I know he is going to do great and I can’t wait to watch. Have a wonderful birthday buddy. Enjoy!


3 Rounds

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Pass Throughs


Mobilize Hips


3 Rounds (At a walking pace)

6 Rope Pull Ups

6E DB Split Squat w/ RFE (Bulgarians)

6 Weighted Glute-Bridges



5 Rounds 

500 M. Row

20 H.R Push Ups 

20 Sit Ups 

*Adv. GHD Sit Ups 


Mobilize & Stretch

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