In September of 2015 I found myself at a crossroads in my career. For the first time in my life I was unhappy with my chosen profession. Waking up at 4:45am every day and coaching until 8pm at night was starting to take its toll. I could literally count the hours on my fingers that I actually spent with my children. I was constantly tired and lacked the additional motivation needed to make Precision the success I truly wanted it to be. Needing to make a change I began to search for other avenues to improve my life. Some idea’s were drastic while others were more suttle. Through this process I began talking to friends and family to get their advice. Rob Miller was one of these people. He is very successful in his own right and he has a love for people that is unconditional. When Rob gives you advice it’s from the heart so I took it very seriously. Rob and I spoke daily about changes I could make. Our conversations were casual. Many ideas were thrown out there. But it got my mind racing. Did I not love strength & conditioning, or was I just unhappy with the current position I was in? I came to the conclusion that I needed to drop something. I had to work for me and only me. I loved strength and conditioning but it needed to be on my terms, at my gym at this point in my life. So with much guidance from Rob and a ton of support from Greg Smiley and my family I made the very frightening leap. I decided to jump full time into my baby… Precision CrossFit. What was the point of having my own business if I was not going to make it my life? I also fell back on focusing what I love to do which is remote programming and coaching. Along with all these endeavors I also started a grass-fed meat company with Rob and my best friend Travis. I guess we can say “Plaid Cow Society” was my drastic change, haha. But it’s been great thus far and what I have learned from Rob being his business partner and friend has been priceless. 

I sit here writing this birthday blog for my dear friend Rob Miller from a cabin in Big Bear on a Thursday in December. I’m now free to do as I wish when I wish. Due to Rob’s advice and friendship my life has been forever changed. He helped give me the one thing more valuable then money back… time. I guess advice coming from a man who has beat cancer a handful of times can be pretty valuable when it comes to time, haha. Rob… thank you for your friendship, your advice, and your constant support. Happy birthday! Enjoy!!



400 M. Run or Row 


10 Y’s, T’s, W’s 

10 Reverse Flys 


2 Rounds 

10 Pass Through’s 

10 Good Morning’s 

10 Snatch Extensions 

10 Snatch Pulls 

10 OHS 


Shoulder Mobility 




ADV: 8 Strict HSPU

INT: 8 Kipping HSPU

BEG: 8 Box Piked HSPU 


ADV/INT: 10 Strict T2B



Snatch Clusters

8 Rounds 

:20 Sec. On / :10 Sec. Off

5 Power Snatches  (75/55) (65/45) (55/35) (45/25)

*2 Rounds w/ a 2 Min. Break beteen each.

**Treat like a Tabata.



E3MOM… Until Failure 

25 T2B 

3 Squat Snatch (185/125) or 70% 1RM

*Add 10 lbs. each round.
**Score = Rounds + Reps Completed.


2 Rounds 

10 Y’s, T’s, W’s 

10 Reverse Flys 

10 Face Pulls 


Shoulder Mobility 

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