I would like to wish a very happy birthday to Stephanie Turley Barrus! Steph has been with us for just over a year now and has taken leaps and bounds in her fitness journey. Stephanie was a former gymnast and it totally shows in her ability to pick up complex gymnastic movements quickly. She has three beautiful children all of which you can find hanging out in the kids area on almost any evening during the week. Her family is an amazing addition to the very strong and vastly growing community of Precision CrossFit. I get a lot of joked these days about whether or not I will be expanding to the play area to fit all these babies!! Steph competed in her first CrossFit competition this past November and did very well holding her own on a team of beginners. I am sure there will be plenty more competitions coming up in her future. Happy Birthday Stephanie. Enjoy!

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400 M. Run

10 Walking High Knee Holds 

10 Walking Flamingo’s 

10 Walking Lunges 

10 Inch Worms 

10 Side Lunges 





​5 Rounds 

1K Row

800 M.Run

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