We would like to wish the happiest of birthdays to Tom Ogimachi! Although sometimes I literally want to kill Tom, he really is one of my favorite people. Nobody can make me laugh quite like he does. We share a bond as teachers that I feel sometimes only he and I can understand. His stories about his classes and students often crack me up. Probably more so because I totally get it. However, I am so happy that I am too old to be taught by this CrossFitting math professor, hahahaha. I am extremely fond of Tom. He has a big personality, much like myself, which I truly do admire. He also is a math genius, which is extremely impressive…especially to a guy who sometimes needs his fingers to add and subtract, hahaha. One thing I also love is that Tom and his wife Alison show their faces at every event when they can. They are amazing supporters of our community. Tom was broken for most of last year and 30lbs heavier, but he came back in a began to work hard to make a comeback. His transformation back into competition shape has been incredible. I was truly inspired by his performance at this year’s Battle of the Boxes. It was seriously awesome. I hope you had an awesome day, my friend. Enjoy!

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500 M. Row

3 Rounds 

10 Pass Throughs 

10 Good Mornings 

10 Clean Extensions 

10 Clean Pulls

10 Front Squats 


3 Rounds

10 Hollow Rocks 

10 V-Ups 

10 Tuck Ups 

10 Sec. Hollow Hold

*Rest 1 Min. 



1 Full Clean + 2 Front Squats 

*Start at 50% of your 1RM clean and add 10lbs each round. 



​5 Rounds

15 Hang Cleans (135/95) (115/75) (95/65) (75/55)

15 Cal. Row

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